without a definite route


on January 14, 2007

i’ve just finished my favorite part of the day, even though sometimes i kind of forget how great it is. for a little over one hour every evening, i am committed to The Bedtime Routine:

dinner. lately, i just put the food on his tray and watch him go. he loves food. his favorites are sweet potatoes and apples, but he’ll eat anything we put in front of him.

nakey. there are some rules governing nakey time, which have to do with emmit’s potty schedule. i’ve been burned one too many times and let’s just say that cleaning poop out of the carpet does not help either of us wind down.

bath. his favorite activity in the bathtub is to take all of the toys out of the tub and place them just-so on the floor; then he gets out of the tub and throws all the toys back in. i usually stop him after about 4 times of this back and forth. he pretty much laughs non-stop and doesn’t even notice me washing his nooks and crannies.

read. the lights are dimmed and we listen to waves on the alarm clock cd player and lullabies on another cd player. while i’m reading brown bear or don’t let the pigeon stay up late, emmit is crawling aound and over me. or he likes to look at the book we just finished even though he paid no attention to it as it was being read. he’s a complicated young man.

monkey. we kiss monkey good night and put him into the crib where he will wait for emmit.

nurse. we snuggle up in our bed (aka the magnet) and nurse.

crib. i swoop him up and carry him to his crib with his face nestled into my neck, my left hand caressing the back of his head. when i put him down, he is still awake, but sleepy. i put his hand on monkey and he pulls him closer then rolls onto his tummy and sticks his bottom in the air (yay child’s pose!).

peace. then i stand there, totally enveloped in the waves and the music and the quiet sound of him breathing. i pat his bottom a couple of times, then rub his back for a minute or two.

and that’s that. i come downstairs and try to figure out what i’m going to have for dinner. then i watch the teevee or a movie. sometimes The Bedtime Routine doesn’t quite take and after he cries for a few minutes, i go back upstairs and we repeat the nursing and crib steps. those are the times i forget to really be in the moment and to cherish the whole thing. i get impatient for my dinner or my comfy chair and blanket. i forget that the baby-part of emmit’s life is going to end and, before i know it, he’ll be a mutinous 2-year old and then a cantankerous teen.


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