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’tis the season

on January 15, 2007

woo hoo, it’s oscar season!  i like the oscars. i like the dresses. i like the pretty people. i like basking in the warmth of the teevee with my friends. i like judging celebrities while sitting on a couch eating queso. i like drinking champagne. but mostly, i like an excuse to watch lots and lots of movies.

for as long as i can remember, i’ve enjoyed watching the oscars and participating in some way. basic participation includes ooh-ing and ah-ing the fashions or trying to predict the winners. things changed for me the year that david letterman hosted and my participation moved to the next level. josh and i made up a drinking game and got forties of miller high life: take a drink when the camera cuts to jack nicholson; take a drink when the audience doesn’t laugh at letterman’s joke;  take a drink for any political rant in an acceptance speech; take a drink when the orchestra tries to play someone off the stage….

for the last 5 years, we’ve attended an oscar party that boasted some pretty serious oscar participation. guests, who were asked to dress up, were greeted by a photographer on a red carpet. once inside, there was champagne (yay!) and themed food.  we were challenged to make a dish that was inspired by one of the nominated films. it could be related to food that was actually in a movie (the blue soup from bridget jones’ diary) or a play on the title of a movie (lost in the last samurai’s translation beef rolls) or it could just relate to something in a movie (a large nose made out of pate for the hours). there were prizes for the best entries. josh was, hands down, the king of this party. he made a layered bean dip in the likeness of a frida kahlo self-portrait for frida. he made a strawberry-rhubarb crisp in a cross-shaped cake pan, titled passion of the crisp (it still makes me giggle and brings tears to my eyes).

in addition to the food competition,  lists of the nominated movies were distributed for people to guess who would win. i’m no good at that. i vote with my heart, which means that the motorcycle diaries would have won best picture in 2003 (even though it wasn’t even nominated).

another game was to mark all of the nominated movies you’d seen. i’d like to say that i’m not a competitive person by nature. one of the reasons i don’t like sports is that someone has to lose. that sucks. but, man oh man, every year i wanted to see more movies than anyone else. i wanted to win. and most years i did. except for the year they showed the shorts at key cinemas and some cheater basically saw 9 movies in 2-hours. and, when i say cheater, i totally mean the smartest person ever and that i wish i would have done it.

even though the host of the party moved away and the party and competition is gone, i still really want to see as many movies as i possibly can. this year i am woefully behind. i think i saw fewer than 10 movies in the theatre in 2006. i’m so ashamed by that number. and vexed. and somewhat sickened. something must be done. childcare must be attained. i must return to my movie-watching glory. seriously.

i generally start in december by looking up critics’ best of 2006 lists. from those lists, i add a bunch of movies to my queue and start tracking what’s showing in the local theatres. by the time the golden globe nominations have been announced, i have a pretty good idea of what movies i should really try to see. there are typed out lists and different colored highlighters employed in this endeavor. poor josh is forced to watch potential oscar movies even if he wants to see something else.  there are pretty much no exceptions.

at least until oscars, i’m going to keep a tally of the last 5 movies i watched:  

the departedkinda brilliant. funny and surprising. if scorsese doesn’t finally win his oscar, he just might never. and nicholson? wow.  

little miss sunshinecute, but one of the best movies of the year? i don’t know. i liked the repeating gags, which i thought would annoy me, but they got funnier each time. i was pleasantly surprised that steve carell could keep it toned down. i so love alan arkin.  

united 93 – definitely had me on the edge of my seat even though i knew what was going to happen. that’s pretty cool. also, the extras? heartbreaking. not sure that i’d nominate it for best film, though.

cars– might actually end up being my favorite movie of the year. i enjoyed it so much. the characters were deeper than many live action movies. even owen wilson didn’t annoy me. 

an inconvenient truth – pretty much depressed the hell out of josh. the problem i see with this movie is that the people who aren’t listening aren’t going to listen. so what’s the next step? for a movie about a slide show, i thought it was really well made.


3 responses to “’tis the season

  1. lmb says:

    i need to remember to add cars to my netflix queue! and i think that laura & mara’s second annual oscar party will have to feature a drinking game this year (last year we did oscar bingo).

    i want to see an inconvenient truth, but i also don’t. i worry that it will depress the hell outta me, too. is there anything uplifting or hopeful or solution-oriented about it?

  2. ramblinjaq says:

    kind of…
    there are lots of suggestions
    & they direct you to go to the website
    where you will find many solutions,
    some big, some small.
    the fact that you take public transportation is really good.
    & recycling is good.
    but, in my mind, it’s kind of too big of an issue for small fixes.
    even if everyone started recycling & carpooling,
    ultimately, it’s up to the damn politicians.
    & that is a scary scary thing.

  3. Julie says:

    SO good to see that B infected you with blog-itis. a few comments:
    (1) nevernevernever be ashamed of ANTM. It would ruin me. I love seeing all of you independent intellectuals flocking towards cat-fighty tv smut. It makes me feel better since I’ve had it as my #1 guilty pleasure since Cycle 1.
    (2) I share your “award-movie/tv” watching tactics. I was not very successful for the Golden Globes. However, on Saturday I spent 4 hours watching Broken Trail as my post Golden Globes activity. I found I preferred Broken Trail to the dress selections of many of the actresses present at the Globes.
    (3) My actual theater-goings count for ’06 was also quite low. I am refusing to go for a while since the last thing I saw was ‘Happy Feet’ at the local Cinemark. That movie made me cringe.
    (4)David Bowie and Rod Stewart are my ugly-sexies.
    (5)Thanks for providing another work distraction venue. I might be reading B’s blog a bit to avidly.

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