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film flam: layer cake, monster house, who killed the electric car

on January 19, 2007

it’s been a slow movie-watching week, what with the 4-hour superawesome season premiere of 24. josh has a gig tomorrow night so i hope to watch something after emmit goes to bed and i’d love a repeat of the sunday afternoon movie in the theatre. letters from iwo jima is at landmark and i am completey crazed to see it. 


layer cake – not an oscar movie, but i was flipping and couldn’t stop watching it. i almost shouldn’t count it here because emmit started crying so i missed a good portion. i liked the tone. british caper movies (another example is snatch) tend to be funnier than american bad guy movies. although the departed  had some really funny moments. also, i think that i’m becoming a daniel craig fan, which leads me to something that i’d like to get some input on. (oh, i wish i had readers!) i want to know who other people consider to be the “ugly-sexy” celebrities. i, personally don’t think that daniel craig is ugly, but i know many people do and i kinda can see what they’re talking about.  i’d have to add dave grohl, the lead singer of the foo fighters. who else?

monster house – what a great premise. seemed like it was going to be so much fun for 90 minutes (like filmic candy!), but, boring! i didn’t even watch the credits to see who the voices were, which is odd for me. i am not a fan of performance capture animation (like they used in polar express). it’s creepy. so that hurt my enjoyment. it was alright. there were some nice moments, mostly to do with the story than with its presentation. probably wouldn’t watch it with kids. kinda scary.

 who killed the electric car – quite the double whammy after so recently watching an inconvenient truth. narrated by the ever-trusty martin sheen, it feels less like a theatrically-released documentary and more like something you come across on the teevee. i came away 1. feeling very troubled by the whole idea that these cars existed, but someone conspired for the project to be a failure; 2. sad that the folks who loved their electric cars so much had to give them up; 3. pissed off that this kind of behavior is allowed exists. i don’t understand why people value money over protecting the environment; and 4. really wanting an electric car. so cute. so fast. so quiet. so right.



6 responses to “film flam: layer cake, monster house, who killed the electric car

  1. lmb says:

    For me, the quintessential ugly/sexy actors are Kiefer Sutherland and Angelica Huston. Both are more sexy than ugly—which is why it works—but they’re also not just complete sex god(esses). They’re interesting looking, complex, and have wonky noses. Also, I like the French term: jolie-laide.

    Daniel Craig is just ugly. Pretty eyes and pretty body does not jolie-laide make.

  2. lolly says:

    Don’t laugh, but for me it’s Gerard DePardieu (sp?) in GreenCard. He starts out an oaf, and becomes quite the romantic. Silly, I know. Also Benicio Del Toro. He isn’t GQ, but his lips…Hmmm Liam Neeson…Jared Leto…this is fun:)

  3. flao says:

    definitely russell crowe in la confidential…HOT. oh yeah, benicio del toro too…i saw him at the four seasons hotel in his trucker hat a few years ago and was saddened but he is so darn yummy. man i miss you lady…speaking of daniel craig i just watched casino royale this weekend. i still cannot believe that little children didn’t get a best picture nod it is soooooooo WAY better than babel which they only nominated the japanese chick for since she showed her hoo-ha every time she was on screen…it’s like halle berry syndrome all over again *sigh*

  4. alexis says:

    John Malkovich. I remember in college, in film school, one of our profs raving on and on about how ridiculous it had been to cast Malkovich in something because he wasn’t handsome. About three of us had a fit, and a heated discussion ensued about the fact that he was sexy. The professor could not believe us. Here’s one that I don’t get, but a lot of guys, apparently, do: Kirsten Dunst.

    Also, am still coming out of my depression from watching An Inconvenient Truth. It’s up there w/Schindler’s List and The Constant Gardner for feel good film of my lifetime. . .

  5. ramblinjaq says:

    i need to add john lurie from the lounge lizards. after seeing him in jim jarmusch’s down by law, i was totally in love with him. he’s all lips. maybe that’s why i ended up with a saxamaphome player?

  6. flao says:

    how could i have forgotten john malkovich??? he was so hot in the glass menagerie and dangerous liasons.

    one which i don’t think anyone would say is sexy is tim roth, although for whatever reason the only sexual dream i’ve ever had involving a celebrity starred him in it…what the hell is that supposed to mean?????

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