without a definite route

jack bauer is my boyfriend, pt. 1

on January 24, 2007

there is no way that i could possibly talk about 24 better than the folks over at television without pity, but i do feel the need. just a little. please forgive the inevitably repeated use of the word badass.

 uh, beware spoilers…

6am -7am
lots of stuff happens to set up the season, but the thing that really gets it all going: jack kills a terrorist henchman by biting his neck until he, like, pulls out an artery with his teeth. ew. and totally badass.

7am – 8am
i’m a little worried about jack. apparently a bit of the badass was tortured out of him by the chinese for the past 20-months. i’m sure he’ll rally, but he’s a wreck. he teams up with a reformed terrorist (bashir from deep space nine…or the prince from syriana for those non-nerds out there). i’m sure he’ll end up dead or with his hand cut off like all the others.

8am – 9am
no way! at first, i thought that jack merely injured curtis because – damn! – that’s hard core to kill him. i realize that no one is sacred after last year’s season premiere killapalooza, but poor curtis. he lasted longer than most of the black agents on the show, though, so there’s that. kiefer, by the way, kind of acted the hell out of the scene post-curtis-killing. i like the badass-but-conflicted jack so far.

9am – 10am
good thing we didn’t move to la yet on accounta the whole mushroom cloud over valencia. where is valencia anyway? would it affect us in los feliz?

graem. is. jack’s. brother. the same graem that plotted with evil president logan last season. that is so beyond holy shit. totally didn’t see it coming. i kinda had to rewind the tifeaux a couple of times for it to sink in. i love being that surprised. well done, writers.

i can’t wait for next week when we meet jack’s father. i like the actor, james cromwell, but i’m a little disappointed donald sutherland didn’t do it. that would have been cool. yep, i’m a geek.


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