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football, yay!

on January 26, 2007

previously, i expressed my love for oscar season. i’m also a big fan of the winter holidays, summer and i really enjoy football season, especially the playoffs. yep, you read that right: i like the football season. i used to hate it. i hated that every sunday josh disappeared into the land of shoulder-ma-pads and giant men tackling each other. he was even focused on giant men in suits talking about football. for years, i sat on the couch next to him, flipping through magazines while he whooped and hollered “kill that guy!” or “no! no! no!” or other more colorful “cheers” for the colts and/or the green bay packers. 

a couple of years ago, i realized that i didn’t have to stay with him for this version of quality time. i could – gasp! – leave the house and see movies. i started picking up snacks at trader joe and then doing a double-feature at the arts theatre. it was fun. this year has been truly wonderful in that josh decided that he wanted to focus his sundays on the boy and me rather than watching hours and hours of football. for my part, i hope that i’ve been less shirty with him when there was a game that he wanted to see. the tifeaux has helped the situation, as well. record the game then hope to the heavens that no one reveals the winner before watching highlights in fast-motion. i’m pretty sure that josh’s paying less attention is why the colts are on their way to the superbowl (uh…even though i don’t care, yay!).

last sunday, there were two playoff games that josh really wanted to see, plus he had a radio interview for esw. i made arrangements with g.j. to take the boy and i was going to go see a movie by myself. unfortunately, the snow dampened my desire to wear anything other than pajamas, which, sadly, is a prerequisite to leaving the house and seeing a movie. i was feeling couch-ey and wanted to cozy-up with a blanket. instead, i went to the video store, where sweatpants seem to be some kind of uniform.

unfortunately, this means that there is much work to do. there are many movies to see before february 25 and only one more major football weekend. no oscar potentials at the video store so I got a hodge podge of snowy day new releases. 

the last kiss– zach braff is a charismatic actor, but i had trouble believing that rachel bilson would throw herself at him like that. she’s too hot to chase a guy with no chin. is that superficial of me? so be it. the picture on the dvd box made me think romantic comedy, but it was a pessimistic poor-me-I’m-turning-30-whinefest. i’m kind of in love with casey affleck, though. is that weird? he has a son named indiana.

the death of mr. lazarescu – 2 ½ hours of shaky handheld camera about a man slowly dying from hospital to hospital was unexpectedly mesmerizing. it had a sense of realness in its documentary style. although it takes awhile to adjust to its rhythm, it is a strange and weirdly gratifying journey. 

dave chappelle’s block party– a fun loosey goosey documentary/concert film/ comedy. i really liked the neighborhood feel to it. i’m disappointed it didn’t get a documentary nomination. that would have pleased me. know what else would have been pleasing? dave chappelle’s acceptance speech, even though i’m thinking (without seeing most of them) an inconvenient truth is probably going to win, you know, because of all those tree-hugging liberals in hollywood. oh and hey, what hip hop should i be listening to? i liked some of the acts in the movie, but i don’t know nuthin’. what are the kids listening to these days? [i’m looking at you, dumbtourist]

underworld: evolution – what’s the deal with the blue tinge to every scene? and what the hell is going on in this movie? it had moments that were cool. maybe. but there were more moments that were utterly stupid. i love a action/supernatural movie, but this one was a little too silly, even for me. i had forgotten about the guns in the first underworld. in a movie about supernaturally badass super-powered creatures, i want to see super-power badass fights, not no stinkin’ guns.  

the illusionist – edward norton has nice hair, but it wasn’t my favorite of his performances. i was distracted by the different accents. paul giamatti is so ridiculously good in everything, i would watch him wash dishes. i like that i didn’t figure out the twist until moments before they revealed it. that was fun. it was very pretty, with lots of neat old-school irises and wipes.

idiocracy– the first 12-minutes were so funny that i turned it off, hoping to watch it later with josh. unfortunately, it went downhill from there. coming from mike judge, i was hoping for office space brilliance and was disappointed with more beevis & butthead toilet humor. part of the problem is that the movie is trying to critique the dumbing-down of america, but derives most of the laughs from dumb things (like a movie called ass). there’s not enough distance between the satire-ee and the satire-er, if that makes any sense.


One response to “football, yay!

  1. dumbtourist says:

    oh boy. start with the folks from the movie – mos def, common (you probably know him from the peace love and gap commercial that ran constantly during december), talib kweli, the roots. biggie, wu-tang, outkast. i dunno that the kids are still listening to those, but it’s the stuff you missed. based on this week’s sucker free mtv2 the kids are listening to young jeezy but i don’t recommend it.

    missy elliott. watch the videos (pass that dutch, work it – it’s all on youtube).

    and prefuse73. not a real rapper but plenty of hip hop vibe to include in this list. josh would probably like it. or some of it. or something.

    the real knowledge is at http://www.turntablelab.com/cds/171/406 – funny smart reviews with tons of 90 second clips. but who has time for that?

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