without a definite route

drumroll please…

on February 1, 2007

the little bear is walking. i repeat: the little bear! is! walking!

josh and i are so excited. i think part of it is a little bit of relief, but mostly it’s all amazement at how incredible he is and how cool it is to watch our boy reach such a big milestone.

for the most part, i haven’t been overly concerned about his developmental delays (although, truthfully, i have had my freak-out moments as i’ve watched other people’s kids reach milestones earlier than emmit). i can relate to his observational personality. in fact, i think he gets it from me. for as much as i can be kind of in-your-face and blah-blah-blah-gung-ho about some things, i’m often reluctant to jump in and try new things. i like to watch other people so i know it’s safe. i love playing celebrity, but i don’t want to go first. i enjoy karaoke, but i wait for someone else to look like an ass before i’m willing to pick up the mic. i’m free with my opinions during meetings, but i wait for someone else to get the ball rolling.  in college, i hung out with my friends for weeks watching them smoke pot. i wanted to check it out before i did it; wanted to watch how it was done and what affects it had on them. each time my friend handed me the pipe with such hope in his eyes, i would pass it on like a big ol’ nerd. then one random day, when i was ready, i took that first hit. so emmit comes by it naturally. to contradict myself, now that i’m thinking about it, i’m absolutely not shy about being the first in line at a buffet. no observation needed. in fact, get out of my way, i’m coming through.

it seems that emmit was waiting for his own random day when he was ready. we’ve been encouraging him by making him walk back and forth between us and also forcing him to walk to his bath while holding on to our hands. he loves his bath so much that he’s been willing to appease any demands, but he wasn’t that interested in simply walking to get from here to there. then yesterday, i was doing dishes and looked over to where he was playing and he was standing in the middle of the room. i asked him how he got there and he walked towards me with the hugest grin on his face.

he chose to walk on his own! that’s what is so neat to me. he thought to himself “how should i get across the room? crawling would be the easiest and fastest, but it’s so hard on my knees. what about this new fangled thing mama and daddy have been going on and on and on about? if i do it now when mama’s not looking, it can be my little secret. uh. oh. she caught me. i’d better smile at her to make her forget. she’s such a pushover when i smile.” or, you know, something like that. i might be a little off base there. who knows what goes on in his punkin’ head? for a long time, i think it was pretty much “i’m sleepy, where’s the boob?” which then expanded to “is this thing strong enough to support my weight? does it matter?” maybe what happened was that he was hanging out by the couch and then – suddenly – he found himself in the middle of the room and he didn’t know how he got there. either way, it was a you-done-caught-me-mama grin.

so…yeah…there you have it. this is the first little video i got of him walking. the gate was in between us so he looks a little bit like he’s floating, drunkenly.


4 responses to “drumroll please…

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  2. Clint says:

    Grats!!!! Now keep your running shoes on. You just lost all ability to contain and control.

  3. Justin says:

    “i’m sleepy, where’s the boob?” – already thinking like a guy.

  4. GJ says:

    I’m all for E to keep passing the pipe w/o partaking….as anologies go, that was an interesting one for the GJ!

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