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nielsen family foster kids

on February 1, 2007

february 22-28 is the week that someone is finally going to pay me to watch teevee!

josh got a phone call today from the nielsen people and they would like us to keep a teevee diary for a week. i mean, little old us. i always knew the day would come when i would be recognized for the high level couch potato-ing that i’ve been demonstrating all these years. and now that it’s here, i will hold my head – and remote – up high.

it seems we’ve aged out of the highly coveted 18-35 group. whatever. way to rub that in, nielsens. now we’re part of the 36-40something group, which i don’t feel a strong tie to at all. i can state with the utmost confidence that my teevee watching is not that mature. i told josh that he should have lied to the nice lady on the phone, but apparently he’s happy not being loved and wanted and sought after by advertisers. she also asked josh what kinds of shows we gravitate towards. comedies? dramas? josh told her that we only watch shows with really good writing. and i think he said that with a straight face. i’ll have to ask the old man how good the writing is on the weather channel.

now the pressure is on. maybe i can parlay the week into something more. maybe, if i’m good enough, the nielsens will adopt me.


2 responses to “nielsen family foster kids

  1. lmb says:

    oh, kimmy, you funny!

    congratulations on your temporary nielsen status, and may it blossom into a long and beautiful relationship!

  2. justin says:

    you’re nobody until they give you a box.

    don’t worry about it, I don’t even have a talkin box diary.

    I have to envy yours.

    however, since you are the second person I know who pimps teevee for them, my chances just went from slim to miniscule.

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