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identity crisis

on February 5, 2007

not to be all “ich bin ein berliner” just because the colts won, but this winning the superbowl thing is really exciting. i hardly recognize myself. don’t worry, i’m not wearing blue or painting horseshoes on my face, but i got a little misty-eyed when i drove home from work and got caught in the gridlock caused by blue-clad folks headed to the dome. instead of my usual honking and cussing, i thought, “aw…their team won. how cute are they?”

josh had the teevee on when i got home and i was a deer in headlights to the endless coverage. i even flipped to espn to see what they were saying. who am i? i was clear-headed enough to question whether oprah really needed to be pre-empted so i could see the team’s airplane taxi to its gate, but barely.

i’m happy for the city of indianapolis. i’m happy for josh and our friends who give a shit. i’m happy for anyone that this makes happy. there does seem to be a neat community thing happening. something like 50,000 people lined the (7 degree minus whatever negative wind chill) streets and filled the dome for the parade and celebration with the team today. although i think people are totally nuts, there’s a seize-the-moment kind of coolness in the air. for whatever reason, i don’t feel judgey. i almost wish i liked football. almost.

i am sad for the bears. i know, i know. they will alleviate their grief by rolling around on their big wads of cash with supermodels. or whatever. but the moment they lost, they were disappointed 10-year old boys. and that poor quarterback guy. yikes. those men in suits on espn said some nasty things about him, but not as nasty as the things the bears fans said.

i have to stop myself. espn? i feel dirty. i’m sure this will go away quickly. certainly by the time football season comes around again, but for now i think i’ll allow myself to have fun with it, with my city. so yay colts! i still don’t like sports, but maybe i’ll pick up a little sweatshirt for emmit to commemorate the time in his life where his town’s team won the championship.


4 responses to “identity crisis

  1. Justin says:

    Now that I have left town, I have turned all pro-colts.

    I guess I’m the sort of jerk who just refuses to root for the home team, so now I’m in dallas I’m all for Indy and Houston.

    Besides – the Cowboys all kinda look like ex-cons – in a bad way.

  2. lmb says:

    So I haven’t followed the Cowboys since their winning streak in the early/mid-90s, so maybe things have totally changed. But … they are all kinda ex-cons, aren’t they?

  3. Mike says:

    Well, as a lifelong Bears fan, I’m a little dissapointed, but I feel good for the folks of Indy. After all, people in Chicago will easily and quickly get back to their lives. Times would have been dark for a long time in Indianapolis had the Colts lost.

    On the other hand, I didn’t really appreciate the e-mail from my elderly aunt (a big Colts fan) after the game that said simply, “Sorry, you lose”.

  4. carolstreet says:

    where do all of those people get their enthusiasm for sports? as happy as i am for them to win, i just don’t feel it. must be missing the organized sports gene, or something.

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