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oscar watch

on February 5, 2007

much to my chagrin, i am no better than anyone else in guessing what movies will win oscars. every year i’m actually a little astonished when my picks aren’t at all close because i pay a lot of attention to the whole thing. i read what critics say. i note what and who wins at other award shows. i look at trends from previous years. but, alas, i have no skills (let alone mad ones) in prognosticating what the names in the envelopes are going to be. because of this, i tend to be pretty secretive with my predictions, but i’m going to open myself up here. which, really? what are there, like, five of you reading this? i’m going to try not get too impressed with my own bravado.

best actor: forest whitaker has won everything else so he’s supposed to be a lock here. i haven’t seen the movie yet, but i have high hopes for it. it might could remove him from my actors-other-people-like-but-i-think-kinda-suck list. the best speech would come from venus’s peter o’toole. leonardo was amazing in blood diamond. and in the departed. it would be nice to see him win after such a great year.

best actress: the queen‘s helen mirren hands down.

best supporting actor: i enjoyed alan arkin in little miss sunshine, but i’m so mad at that movie i wouldn’t want to see him win. eddie murphy has won all the other major awards and dreamgirls didn’t get many major nominations other than the two supporting actor nominations so it will probably be recognized here…

best supporting actress: …and here with jennifer hudson. i wish emily blunt from the devil wears prada had gotten nominated.

best cinematography: if children of men doesn’t win i’m not sure what i’ll do. that movie was gorgeously lit and shot. of course, i haven’t seen pan’s labyrinth yet and stills from it are so very pretty. i think/hope since children of men didn’t get a best picture nod, they will recognize it here. pan’s will win best foreign language film.

best costumes: marie antoinette because usually period pieces win here, but i could imagine the devil wears prada since it’s about fashion or the queen because the costumes really define the characters. i read somewhere that there is a movement to get the costume category split into two separate categories, period and modern. makeup people also want their category divided into two, special effects makeup and beauty makeup. interesting, non?

best song: who cares? um…out on a limb here…something from dreamgirls? wouldn’t it be awesome if one of the two songs not from dreamgirls wins? i’d love to see the song from cars win.

documentary feature: please let it be an inconvenient truth. pleasepleaseplease. i so want to see al gore win an oscar. it’s the least the academy can do.

foreign language film: pan’s labyrinth

original score: i don’t know. i guess babel. the score for the queen distracted me twice and that’s not good.

animated feature: i really want it to be cars. those pixar people rule. plus monster house annoyed me. plus plus just the thought of happy feet annoys me.

directing: martin scoresese for the departed. it seems like it’s his year.

art direction: i feel like they’ll give one to dreamgirls even though pan’s labyrinth could steel it.

makeup: i’ve got click on the queue and am fascinated at how an adam sandler comedy could be up for an oscar…i’m going with pan’s labyrinth. people are still too mad at mel to give him another oscar.

editing: children of men.

visual effects: i have no idea what wins out of poseiden, pirates of the caribbean, superman returns. not a clue.

sound editing: letters from iwo jima or blood diamond

screenplay – adapted: children of men would make me happy. it will probably be the departed and that’s cool with me. the dialogue in that movie was so good. some people think this is where borat will get recognized since it was such a popular movie except wasn’t a lot of it improvised?

screenplay – original: it pains me, but little miss sunshine will get this since it will lose best picture. but more deserving are the queen and pan’s labyrinth.

best picture: the departed. it’s marty’s year.

i’m not picking anything for shorts since i won’t get a chance to see them.


what i’ve seen most recently:

children of men –holy mother of god. i loved this movie. i’m pissed it’s not up for best picture and the little-indie-that-could, little miss sunshine, is. makes me crazy. this movie? beautiful. haunting. terrifying. completely edge-of-seat riveting. sad. hopeful. dark. well acted. well directed. well edited. well shot. i absolutely can’t get it out of my head. after it was over, josh and i sat in the theatre, exhausted. it satisfied everything i like to experience in a movie. seriously the best movie from 2006 that i’ve seen and i don’t expect that i’ll change my mind. nigel count: 3 (2 in the credits and 1 character).

…okay, i have a sort of…um… habit? hobby? game? proclivity? quirk? for years, whenever i see a film that was made in england, i count the nigels in the credits. it brings me much joy. i happily accept the assistance of any companions, which is generally josh, the lucky devil. nigel hunting is a team sport.

the black dahlia – i think josh hartnett is growing on me. is there some kind of ointment for that? why don’t i like hillary swank? and i gotta say that scarlett johanson was wrongwrongwrong for this movie. i like her, but i don’t like her. the movie is preeetty. i kind of always forget about brian depalma. not sure why.

the queen – helen mirren is a freakin’ force of nature. i quite enjoyed the movie even though i’ve never understood the whole diana thing. i definitely felt like i was getting a peak into the life of the brittish royals. it felt very real. the guy who plays tony blair is awfully good. nigel count: 2 (thanks to margaret for helping me spot them).

the road to guantanamo – kind of weirdly unsatisfying. the whole documentary/docudrama thing threw me. it took me awhile to get into it, but once i did, i was hooked. this may shock some of you, but i’m fairly prone to think poorly of our government and how we’ve handled things since september 11 so i’m totally the audience for a movie like this, but there were some glaring questions that the filmmakers didn’t ask. answers to those questions would have made a more powerful statement. without them, much of what they are trying to do gets lost.

blood diamond – a look at absolute chaos. marries good old fashioned thrilling action with something important to say, but not a do-gooder message movie. leonardo dicaprio was really good. couldn’t take my eyes off of him. djimon hounsou was so good as the father trying to save his son. i cried and cried. it’s the kids in the movie that really got to me. the child soldiers. days later and i still feel ill about the people in this world who corrupt children like that. i read a critic who complained that the characters were stock action characters and i don’t really agree with that. i liked how damaged some of them were. the jennifer connely character, however, was a titch 2-dimensional. and, for the love of god, if you’re running around in a war zone, i don’t care how gorgeous you are, put on a freakin’ bra. nigel count: 1



5 responses to “oscar watch

  1. annie says:

    one of the few oscar movies i’ve seen this year, being that i live in the mountains, was children of men. i was traumatized. i’m not sure whether that’s a recommendation or not. honestly, i sobbed throughout the entire film. sobbed. and was comotose afterwards. so i must say that prevented me from really paying attention to the editing etc but it obviously got to me.

  2. dumbtourist says:

    i liked king of scotland, love forest whitaker and think it is a disgrace that he’s up for best actor. he should win for best supporting and leave eddie to do the press circuit on dilbert or whatever his new movie is. jaq, oh jaq, can you explain to me (cuz no one seems to be able to) what exactly defines supporting versus lead. haven’t seen the queen but dame dench is pretty darn fun in notes on a scandal

  3. lolly says:

    why do you hate Little Miss Sunshine? I’m kind of partial to Little Miss Mary Sunshine:)

  4. ramblinjaq says:

    annieloo – poor little rabbit. children of men was definitly traumatizing, but i guess i also found the hopefulness. i think editing is something you don’t really pay attention to, rather it acts subliminally to build whatever drama the story calls for. same, in my mind, as the score. you shouldn’t actually ever notice it so much as it adds to the whole. don’t i almost sound like i know what i’m talking about?

    dumbtourist – i have wondered that for years. is it a screen-time thing? like, why was heath ledger best actor nominee last year, but jake was supporting? was there really that much screen-time difference? i heard that they (the royal they) were for your considerationing leonardo as supporting actor for the departed because they didn’t want him competing against himself for best actor. so, ultimately, i think there is some arbitraryness.

    lolly – i keep accidentally calling it little mary sunshine. that’s funny. i don’t hate the movie, i just don’t think it’s in the same league as the other best picture nominees or others that didn’t get nominated, like children of men. i thought it was cute, but i never felt like the characters were that well developed or that it ever got beyond the sitcom set-up premise to actually say something about anything. to me, a best picture nominee needs to say something, which is not the same as saying that it has to have a message. it also, to me, needs to transcend simple storytelling and be art. so pulp fiction should have beat forrest gump in 1995. any of the other nominees should have beat crash in 2006.

  5. lmb says:

    “nigel hunting is a team sport.” can we get t-shirts made with that on it? cos that’s funny, kimmy.

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