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“aaaaah. ha. ha. ha.”

on February 13, 2007

this morning, i came downstairs and josh was extremely excited to show me the new trick he taught emmit. yep, it’s almost like we’ve got a puppy. the two of them clinked sippy cup to coffee mug, then they each took a drink and said, “aaah” and then they laughed heartily at their cleverness.

now it’s pretty funny and cute and i’m sure we’ll make emmit do it in front of many many people and maybe even try to record it for posterity, but the best part? the best part is that, later, emmit was standing at his bookshelf pulling books off with one hand while the other grasped the sippy cup. i peeked over every couple of minutes to make sure he was alright, but he was happily amusing himself. the only sounds i heard were books hitting the floor until…on his own, without any prompting or prodding, emmit took a drink and said, “aaah” and then laughed, of course, because that’s how daddy did it.

for the rest of the day, every time he took a drink he said “aaah,” then laughed. every single time. my sister told me (when i called her to wish her happy birthday) that her youngest would say “aaah” to ask for a drink, which i’m certain emmit will totally do. “aaah” fits well with his various methods of requesting stuff. there’s pointing at what he wants and either smiling, grunting or whining, depending on his mood. and then there’s the most common way, what i call the guppy, where he just smacks his lips until we give him some food.

sometimes i’ll turn to josh and do the guppy when i’m hungry or want a glass of wine. and he knows exactly what i mean.


2 responses to ““aaaaah. ha. ha. ha.”

  1. lmb says:

    your boys… they are unbearably cute together. and we totally need video footage of the papa and son toast. ahhhhh.

  2. lolly says:

    gushing gushing gushing!! at least one photo, please!! Did you get the photos I emailed you?

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