without a definite route

emmit in action: snow!

on February 15, 2007

the people have spoken…there has been a request for more videos of emmit and who am i to deny emmit’s peeps?

i might even try to post some videos weekly. i know the main reason y’all slog through the blahblahblah-teevee-movies-blahblahblah is the munchkin.  

first time out in the snow!


2 responses to “emmit in action: snow!

  1. lmb says:

    I just watched this five times in a row. I may actually spend the next two hours watching it. Justin is right: you have, in fact, made the cutest baby ever. Oh. My. God. I mean, the dancing, the dancing!!!!

  2. Julie says:

    I think my favorite part is when he looks down at the snow like “what the hell is shit?!”

    He’s a doll and a half.

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