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19 months

on March 23, 2007

dear emmit ~

a few days ago, you turned 19-months and i’ve been so busy playing with you and walking with you and watching you that i haven’t gotten your letter done in time. i suspect it’s not going to get any easier. this month has just flown by and you’ve filled every day with your smiles and giggles. even this week, when you woke up puking, you were entirely too cheerful about it. certainly more cheerful than your daddy or i could even pretend to be. i think we’re getting better about our “brave faces,” but there’s still much to learn. all i’m saying is that it’s difficult to get vomited on and keep smiling, but it makes it a titch easier when the vomiter is smiling.

outside smiling

you’ve never been a shy kid, but lately you’re extrovertidness has really come out. we went to columbus to have sushi with the grandparents and you owned the room. even though it was way past your bedtime, you flirted like it was your job to keep anyone within a 10 foot radius of our table happy and entertained. you especially bonded with a table of japanese performers (not sure what they did, only that they were in town doing some kind of show). i was standing and bouncing with you to try to keep the tired grumpies at bay and you started playing peek-a-boo with them. i didn’t even notice until i turned around and there were several cameras clicking your picture for, i’m sure, the entire country of japan to enjoy in a “what i did on tour in the states” slide show. then a super attractive young couple with the chubbiest 8-month old baby boy was seated next to us. you insisted that i put you down on the floor, went straight over to the woman and put your arms up for her to pick you up. then you proceeded to nuzzle into her chest. your daddy and grandpa were very proud and maybe a even little jealous.

emmit & auggie

most of your new tricks this month are verbal, saying: this?, here?, that?, dog and woof. i also believe that i heard you say, “night night” to your pigeon book, but you stopped doing it when you caught me looking at you. stinker. of course you also say, “george” or “yorge” or “georgio” when near your precious curious george. he’s “georgio” when you’re feeling especially festive. when i say “give daddy a kiss,”  you totally give your daddy a kiss, which is super cute because you don’t so much kiss him as hurtle your big ol’ round noggin in his general direction. no kisses by request for mama, yet. plenty of round head hurtling towards me though, especially when i’m looking the other direction and not expecting a collision. also lots and lots of running into my arms, generally with a huge grin engulfing your face.

love serge hat

now that spring is here, we can finally get out of the house and we’ve discovered that you love being outside. you love walking around the backyard and exploring the deck. you seem to enjoy walking down the sidewalk until the very second that you’re not enjoying it anymore then you sit down and await rescue. to you, the garage is an exciting place of discovery. to me, it’s dirty and full of dangerous objects like the car and the ladder and sharp sharp gardening equipment. you look around, your eyes wide open, trying to figure out what to injure yourself with first.

sitting in the alley

as the weather gets nicer, we are so excited to start doing more things with you outside. last fall, you were still relatively passive about where we stuck you and the places we took you. last week, we walked to mass ave. you walked from our house to may’s lounge. that’s about two blocks. you were very proud, but did not complain when we put you in the stroller. we took you out again in the toy store and you and your daddy played with all kinds of stuff. i’m not going to say which one of you was harder to drag out of there, but i now have some gift ideas for father’s day. i can’t even express how much you love going to the park. i’m fairly certain that your future life will be dictated somehow by the things you love to do at the park. swinging? you might decide to be a pilot or a trapeze artist. climbing up the slide? that could indicate a future in mountain climbing or even some kind of creative endeavors (um…’cuz you go against the tide or something like that).

before bed, you climb the stairs and look out the window. you point at the trees and wave goodnight to the world and the feral cats that live somewhere in our yard.

excited by the window

these days your hugs are somehow huggier. especially when they follow the few seconds of you running across the room into my arms. there’s a difference in how you put your arms around me. you are holding me, not just holding onto me. it’s pretty swell.

 all the love,

~ mama


One response to “19 months

  1. GJ says:

    A delight…the three of you are in your continual love story.

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