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flim flam: crank, why we fight, science of sleep, sherrybaby

on March 26, 2007

crank – my favorite thing that i’ve read about this movie is: “cheerfully moronic. while most action flicks require you to turn your brain off, this movie somehow does it for you.” (andrew wright). josh wasn’t feeling well, so as part of the “poor sweet baby” treatment, i went to the video store to get some mindless action movies. i like jason statham and thought this premise was fun so i got it. the video game editing and a.d.d. special effects actually made josh feel worse. he went to the kitchen in the last 15-minutes and didn’t care that he missed the end. i feel like the film’s basic idea had the promise of a potential cult masterpiece, but the thing was just too scatter-shot. and sexist. and it wasn’t not racist. sadly, it wasn’t even ridiculous enough to be fun.

why we fight – really interesting, but too much information for one documentary. offers a great history lesson and is basically designed to arouse citizen activism. the stuff about eisenhower that makes up the thesis is freakin’ fascinating. i had no idea that he said all that stuff about the military-industrial-complex before he left office. he was a very interesting man. at first i didn’t like the mixing of facts with personal stories, but the real people helped support the points even if, at the end of the day, a movie like this just ends up preaching to the choir.

science of sleep – wha? i love eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i love gael garcia bernal. i like charlotte gainsbourg, but maybe more in costume dramas. i didn’t expect a “normal” movie from michel gondry and wasn’t disappointed with the wildly imaginative imagery and ideas. but there isn’t much cohesion or shape to the film. perhaps i’m just not arty enough to enjoy simply being pleasantly distracted by nothing happening. i loved the art in the movie (laura faggioni made all the lovely creatures), loved the imagery, loved the lovely little moments that didn’t add up to anything. it was just really cool to look at, but kind of exhausting.

sherrybaby – free at last! netflix mailed this to me in january and i just couldn’t get interested in it. i knew that i’d love maggie gyllenhaal, i pretty much always do, but i wasn’t ever in the mood for a downer. it reminded me so much of half nelson, except that at no point was i riveted by anything other than maggie’s kick ass performance. and it didn’t disappoint in the levels of depressing-ness, even in the possibility of redemption at the end. i actually wished that they would have gone deeper into some of the side characters, like sherry’s brother bobby. if you only have it in you for one junkie-getting-right-with-the-world movie, see half nelson. sorry maggie…hope we can still be friends…


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