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antm: intimidation is my motivation

on March 28, 2007

there we were, tummies full of tamales and guacamole, smiles on our faces in anticipation of watching bitches on the teevee, only to discover that the tifaux – apparently still confused from the daylight savings change – didn’t record antm. we stood in the kitchen eating carry-out from the tamaleplace while antm was not recording. at any point, we could have watched it, but we waited, innocently trusting the tifaux technology. i’m still a little sad about the whole thing. because, also? if antm wasn’t recorded, what were we going to do? talk? yeah that sounds fun. kevin suggested we watch that pussycat doll show and i’m pretty sure i will regret every single one of those minutes when i’m on my deathbed. carol and i tried to come up with some smarty pants feminist anti-pussycat doll manifesto, but our antm-love kept getting in the way. suffice to say that kevin is not wrong about it being a skill to sing and shake one’s booty at the same time and maybe it’s even more of a skill than striking a pose and walking, but that doesn’t mean that i don’t think things like the pussycat dolls are harbingers of the end of the world, while antm is mostly fairly harmless. not sure what betty friedan would say, but that’s all i got.  

i quickly programmed the tifaux to record sunday’s rerun then tried to stay in the dark about who got cut. try as i might, the beans, they were spilled. i can only blame myself, i saw it online somewhere and couldn’t avert my eyes fast enough. still, i waited to watch the show monday night and tried to avoid fourfour and twop so i could savor some of the surprises.   

much has been said about the taste level of the photoshoot, but to all those people readying their letter-writing campaign, i have to ask: is it really any more misogynistic than anything else on this show? the only thing that shocked me was that they didn’t hurry up to do it the week jael’s friend died instead of the completely non-death related ice cream shoot. no, i was also shocked that they cut felicia. tyra just had it out for her. because one bad photo after she rocked the posing stuff and had great pictures so far seemed like a pretty weak excuse to cut her. especially looking at natasha’s shitty performance week after week. to be certain, all of the pictures were darn good this week and someone had to go, but…i don’t know…    i do find this to be interesting: last week’s photos are not on the antm website.  

some things that i liked or that made me laugh and laugh:

  felicia teaching jael to dance her troubles away. i think we could all learn a little from that. she also called jael, grasshopper, which was supercute.   

∙  renee’s “i’m-just-misunderstood” reworking of her persona. i like that she seems to know that she’s a bitch and was expressing concern for how she’s perceived, but at the same time, trying to change is total strategery to “win the war.”   

∙  benny ninja and the house of ninja? totally awesome!    

  crazy maze of lasers! laser maze! crazers! this challenge didn’t make a lick of sense, but i loved it. renee wanted to win the bracelet so she could pawn it. ha! 

   ∙  dionne: “what the hell?!”   

∙  i like that most of the girls had really good pictures. isn’t it odd, though, that renee was called first even though she totally failed the challenge? aren’t we supposed to believe that the challenges mean something?    

∙  mr. jay, once again, seems to be giving actual good guidance during the photoshoot.      jaslene is officially cha cha now! i like that she is competitive, but not mean about it. i also like that she keeps saying stuff that gives me the titles of my posts.   things i wasn’t so crazy about or that left my mouth agape:  

∙   brittany’s hair reminds me of the raggedy ann doll i had as a child. it was the same size as me and i used to switch our clothes. although that’s a warm (and, c’mon, totally adorable) memory, i don’t want to see my beloved raggedy ann’s hair on an actual person.   

∙  what was up with renee’s drawing jael in a straight jacket. weird, non?    ∙  what hair was jael trying to curl with a curling iron? what really happened that she burned her cheek?      mike rosenthal was guest judge instead of giving benny ninja more screen time? whatever. bring on the ninja.      natasha is still reading the tyra mail. is this like when you say something over and over that isn’t funny, but it kinda starts to be funny after all the repitition? we’ll see for the next show.  

∙  tyra has to go scarf-less. what is she hiding? maybe she’s keeping miss jay’s extra ruffles under there.  

∙ isn’t tyra’s picture supposed to relate to the theme of the photoshoot? what? didn’t she want to look dead?     natasha’s picture. she looks really dead and there’s no connection with the camera. although felicia’s picture isn’t her best, i disagreed that it was worse than natasha’s.     two of the prettiest girls were in the bottom two? that’s screwy, but nothing new for this show.


wordpress isn’t letting me do my bullet points and line breaks the way i want to and i can’t get sucked even deeper into trying to figure out how to make it right, so i apologize for any lack of presentation prettiness.


3 responses to “antm: intimidation is my motivation

  1. dumbtourist says:

    i sure hope you get into project runway when it comes back. tim gunn is the coolest and there’s plenty o’ hi-fashion hi jinx. i just can’t get into tyra. and why can i read and comment on your blog but not find the time to email you back?

  2. Troy says:

    A Socialite’s Life says that Tyra is channeling Rhoda Morgenstern from The Mary Tyler Moore show with those scarves.

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Renee’s straight jacket drawing of Jael was creepy. But don’t you just love Jael, who thought is was supa cool. I don’t think she’ll win, but I like her a lot. Renee can bite me.

    It’s Jaslene’s world. I adore her. You know some drag queen is already perfecting her Jaslene look.

  3. Nana says:

    I managed to suffer through . . . er, watch ANTM again this week. I’m afraid I am an ANTM agnostic, not quite convinced it’s really worth believing in. I enjoy it more when I read Jaq’s pithy take on everything. Apparently I need to have someone reinterpret what I’ve seen in order to “get it”! But what I want to know is 1) why does TB always sound like she’s channeling God when she says her (many times repeated) line about “you are still in the running to be ANTM”? and 2) how come Jaslene can look so gorgeous in photos and so UGLY in person? That mouth, that personality, that attitude. Ugh. Ciao, Diane

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