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emmit in action: the laughing!

on April 4, 2007

no question about it: bad camerawork, terrible production values, excellent laughs.

emmit finds it simply hilarious when we throw stuff back and forth, in this case it was a pen.


2 responses to “emmit in action: the laughing!

  1. lolly says:

    cute boy, it was almost as if he was saying,” Look how I have these two wrapped around my little finger. Just with my adorable laughter I can make grown-ups throw a pen back and forth and they think they’re in Wimbledon! But I’m gonna keep laughing ‘cuz they’re just so darn cute!” smitten smitten smitten I am….

  2. Julie says:

    Exactly what I needed as a reprieve from an otherwise humorless week! I *love* how he has to sigh, as if to catch his breath from all the hilarity. Not gonna lie, I’ve replayed second 20 and second 30 of the clip for the peak of emmit’s laugh track… 😉

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