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flim flam: miami vice, running with scissors, american gun, friends with money

on April 4, 2007

yep, miami vice. i’m not proud.

miami vice – i don’t think there was a single minute that i enjoyed in this movie. i’m not even sure where to begin. although the teevee show was cheesy and too pastel, at least it had humor. this movie was way too dark and gritty and just not fun. there was no chemistry between colin farrell and jamie foxx. none. i certainly didn’t buy that they were partners who had each other’s backs. i don’t remember farrell even looking at foxx in scenes where they were talking to each other. for the most part, he looked away and delivered his lines to the ether. they both weren’t looking their best, either. farrell isn’t my movie-star-boyfriend type, but i acknowledge that he can be kind of a smoldering hottie, but he was a little bloated, which might explain for some of the darkness of the film. it would certainly explain the odd blocking for the love scene. and can someone explain to me the chinese-cuban drug moll played by gong li? she’s so beautiful and an amazing actress, but if she was raised in cuba, why did she have the chinese accent? it distracted me. the story itself is run of the mill dark crime drama. i like michael mann’s work, collateral was on-the-edge-of-my-seat good. also, it’s miami. it’s supposed to be light and sunny and maybe even a little pastel. even in the underbelly.

running with scissors – let me first say that i haven’t read the book so i can’t be disappointed in the adaptation, which, from what i understand, many many folks were. i mostly enjoyed this movie. what it lacks in the uneven storytelling – trying to do too much by flip flopping from wacky hilarity to touching emotion – it makes up for with captivating and fantastic performances. annette bening is so freakin’ gorgeous. also really good are brian cox and joseph fiennes, who i didn’t even recognize until i saw his name in the credits. it doesn’t feel like it’s made up of scenes that naturally segue from one to another, but that it goes from skit to skit.

american gunmulti-character examination of the insidious ways guns have become a fixture in american life. a really interesting premise with a kind of crash-ey set up, but the interlocking stories never click. there are a few effective moments, especially around the marcia gay hardin and her son storyline, but the movie never makes its Big Statement, no matter how hard it tries.

friends with money – yawn. big old arms stretched over my head yawn. of course, i’d watch anything with catherine keener in it and i love jason isaacs and francis mcdormand. this movie just takes too long to get going and then it ends without saying much. i like the idea of a story about friendships between women, but i’m sure it’s been done better and…yawn. the twist with jennifer anniston’s character, olivia, pairing up with the nice and too conveniently wealthy boyfriend? whatever. lazy. ass. writing. i think i actually shook my head in disbelief that such a thing could happen in a story that, for the most part, at the very least, felt real-ish. what a waste of time…even more than miami vice. and that’s saying sumthin’.


One response to “flim flam: miami vice, running with scissors, american gun, friends with money

  1. lolly says:

    I HATED Miami Vice. I was so unimpressed. Doug and I love action flicks and so we were excited and very quickly disappointed. What a waste of film and 2 hours I will never get back. Although Jamie Foxx was kinda nice to look at…hehe

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