without a definite route

excuses excuses

on May 17, 2007

10 reasons why i seem to have fallen off the face of the earth:

  1. i’ve been chill-axin’.
  2. my increased locomotion (aka: exercise. yeah, really!) has encroached upon my ramblin’ time.
  3. it’s may sweeps.
  4. daylight savings has totally messed with my head and, more importantly, emmit’s bedtime.
  5. for some reason, i’m finding it impossible to get back into routines after the trip to south dakota, which was over a month ago.
  6. i’m sick. poor-sweet-baby AND poor-little-rabbit-sick. i think i’m usually pretty much a trooper so the fact that a sore throat is kicking my ass this much says something. also, i was the picture of health during emmit’s nursing heyday and, now that he’s weaning himself, i’ve started to get little illsnesses. what the frak is that all about?!
  7. i’m so pooped after getting emmit to bed, i cannot ignore the clarion call of the couch and the ice cream sandwich.
  8. entertainment weekly comes, like, every week. all that entertainment news isn’t gonna read itself, people.
  9. i’m actually kinda busier lately as indian market approaches.
  10. i suck.

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