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flim flam: archangel, because i said so, night at the museum, jeff tweedy sunken treasure: live in the pacific northwest

on May 18, 2007

i’ve been watching a lot of teevee shows on dvd (deeveedee?) lately and enjoying the heck out of them. entourage and weeds are quite funny. also, it is may sweeps so i’ve been stuck to heroes, 24, america’s next top model, gilmore girls, lost, smallville and grey’s anatomy. not sure which of those will make the cut for next season. i think i’m about to fire grey’s for being too depressing. of course, gilmore girls is over so thus ends 7-years of frustrating visits to stars hallow.

i have managed to see a couple of movies and josh and i have a datenight! in the works so maybe i’ll see something in the theatre. oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!

archangel:this 2005 made-for-brittish-teevee potboiler feels vaguely familiar. like the da vinci code only ploddingly slow (maybe that’s a teevee versus big screen thing). i netflixed it to see daniel craig (as usual quite solid even in subpar material) and gabriel macht (so disappointing, bad acting or bad choices to play a blustery american journalist?). craig’s professorial character spends most of the time chasing silly maguffins about the spawn of joseph stalin. i guess i wanted more smooth action hero-ey like bond or angsty like xxx from layercake

because i said so: what a cliche-ridden mess! 1st of all, i realize this might be sacrilege, but i am in no way whatsoever a diane keaton fan. the tics! the daffy over-the-top-mannerisms! the over-acting! i just can’t stand her. mandy moore, on the other hand, i lovelovelove her. i don’t know why. in fact, she seems to have many of her own tics that travel from role to role with her (her hands should get their own credit). and i do love gabriel macht even though he was so terrible in archangel. this movie felt like it was made from parts of other movies all hodge-podged together. and not good movies. i love me a corny romantic comedy and have a strange pride in sitting through really bad movies, but this was nearly unwatchable at times. and what sucks is that i think there’s a good movie and some okay characters buried within it.

layer cake: LOVE this movie. got it so josh could see it and then i had to watch it again. the intricately plotted crime story stands up to multiple viewings. the dialogue is sharp, the colorful gangster characters are fun and the color-drenched photography is lovely. daniel craig’s performance is fierce and wounded and his character – named in the credits as xxx – has a serene pragmatism that offsets all of the hyper-violence in the rest of the movie.

night at the museum:yeah so this movie is aimless and trite and i’ll never get those 2-hours back, but it was nice to see dick van dyke and mickey rooney. i wish it were sillier. like zoolander silly. i loved that the giant dinosaur tracks in the snow turned out to be great pr for the museum. got me wondering what we could do at the Museum.

jeff tweedy sunken treasure: live in the pacific northwest: lovely. lovely. lovely. jeff tweedy from wilco (one of my favorite bands), did a solo tour last year and they filmed some of his shows in oregon and california. although he is road-musician-dirty and is practically smellable  through the teevee set, i would marry him in a minute. those songs. that voice. the poetry of his lyrics. i’ve been lucky to have seen wilco and uncle tupelo (waaaaaay back in the day) live and consider tweedy to be just a damn good performer. he’s funny and, not to sounds all pretentious, his music can be downright transcendent.


One response to “flim flam: archangel, because i said so, night at the museum, jeff tweedy sunken treasure: live in the pacific northwest

  1. lmb says:

    Not sacrilege at all: Diane Keaton is annoying.

    And re Night at the Museum, although I, too, have forever lost those 98 minutes of my life, I did giggle every time the T. Rex bones wriggled like a puppy. I’m a sucker that way.

    If you fire Greg’s, what on earth will we talk about?!

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