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emmit in action, total exhaustion!

on June 27, 2007

in emmit’s nearly 2-years on the planet, he has never fallen asleep in his high chair – until now. josh almost felt guilty laughing. almost.


2 responses to “emmit in action, total exhaustion!

  1. lolly says:

    once lily fell asleep on her high chair tray full of cheerios–all stuck to her face. you so have to save this clip to show him later in life!!

  2. ramblinjaq says:

    from nana:
    That is so funny, and sweet, and that poor kid must have been really pooped. It’s such a shock when I see photos or videos of him — he looks so much like his daddy did at that age. Are you sure he wasn’t the result of parthenogenesis and you got cut out of the deal altogether (except for that fun delivery part)? Just kidding — I can see you and your side of the family as well. It’s just so funny how much like Josh he seems.
    thanks for sharing,

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