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film flam, mish mash…

on July 17, 2007

josh works 3 nights a week at the restaraunt then sometimes another night or 2 gigging. so i’ve been watching lots and lots of dvd’s this summer. actually saw transformers in the theatre and will see harry potter this week. i re-watched all the harry potter movies and will do mini-reviews of them all once i’ve seen the new one.

ask the dust: very cool vision of depression-era los angeles. atmospheric, but awkward. salma hayek’s nakey body is something to behold. a younger, pre-bloaty colin farrel isn’t so bad either. but something is missing. the characters aren’t at all likeable. they don’t even really like each other or themselves for that matter. their doomed relationship is more drunken knife fight than transcendent love affair. and that sounds more interesting than it actually is. the reason to watch this movie is for caleb deschenel’s cinematography.

transformers: this movie is as juvenile as it is exhilarating as it is staggeringly stupid as it is amazingly well-crafted. it is filled with great set-pieces, wacky-woo storytelling, eye-candy of both genders and for sure a few too many plotholes. totally ridiculous. big and loud. senseless. campy and dumb. in a word: fun.

shooter: kind of like rambo with fewer muscles and imagined for the politically disgusted era of dubya. the main character’s name is bob lee swagger for crying out loud. which…for real? walburg is perfect for the role, but there’s no glimmer of his awesome turn in the departed. way too many slo-mo hero shots. lots of exploding heads. you can really feel the 24/bourne inspiration. and they just totally wasted amy adams.

wedding wars: i was looking for something frothy. a romantic comedy about gay marriage with john stamos (blackie!) as a gay man fighting for his right to get married? sign-me up. that’s all i’ve got. it was, indeed, frothy. not nearly enough hot guys smooching.

relative strangers a comedy about a man who finds out he is adopted and the  clashes that result from having two sets of parents from very different sides of the track. attempts to get all of its laughs from clichéd white trash, hillbilly jokes. the laughs are too few and it’s just not worth the time. unless, like me, you just love you some ron livingstone and no matter how bad the movie is, officespace makes up for it.

fearlessone of my guilty pleasures? jet. li. kickin’. ass. fearless delivers that and then some. it is reportedly li’s last martial arts movie and that’s a sad sad thing because he’s just so beautiful to watch and fearless is his love letter to wushu. certainly it is somewhat corny, lusciously shot and mostly predictable. like any good fight movie, it teaches pacifism while indulging in brutality. the choreography is amazing and li’s charisma overcomes the film’s faults. plus, they had to shoot him at, like, 6 times regular film speed to capture how fast he is. i don’t even have a superlative word to capture how cool that is.

the good german: more of a film studies lesson than actual entertainment. mostly meh characters. none of the characters exude a sense of moral certainty, which works in present-day stories, but if soderberg is going film noire old school, he needed to take it all the way. every optical dissolve and abrupt cut to stock footage filled me with delight. but is it a good movie? yeah, not so much.

a good year: full of pretentious “wine is like life” clichés. oh brother. southern france is magical. it’s pretty much under the tuscan sun for dudes. and russel crowe is charmless. without charm. or charisma. or intensity of any kind. i’ve always wondered how he can be so hot sometimes because he’s not really all that good looking. and it’s all in his intensity, which is not to be found in this. not at all. have i stressed that enough? and i think it’s supposed to be a comedy, which, where are the funny parts? poor russel and ridley scott need to stick to what they know, like gladiator. nigel count: 0 nigels in the credits, but 1 character is named nigel!

flyboys: martin henderson is my new boyfriend. the movie works in the pretty-boy history lesson film genre, but it doesn’t go much deeper than that. the dogfight sequences are pretty neat, but it lacks a sense of grit that a war movie just kinda ought to have. nigel count: 3!

xx/xy: caught this tedious movie while flipping around on the teevee the other night and couldn’t look away. features some of the least likeable characters pretty much ever who complain so much about their problems that it makes you stop wondering why people think gen xers do nothing but whine. mark ruffalo, as usual, is intriguing to watch, but can’t save the thing.


2 responses to “film flam, mish mash…

  1. lmb says:

    I can’t even believe you saw Transformers in the theater and NOT HARRY POTTER. If I could fire you more, I so would.

  2. dumbtourist says:

    thank god you’re finally back with some reviews for us – and with salma tip too! nice sum up of the good german. i just couldn’t get used to clooney walking around where montgomery clift should have been. but it was still strangely comforting and watchable.

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