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snape prediction

on July 20, 2007

today is the last day that the world won’t know the fate of harry potter. i’m totally one of those people who like to be in the sort of cult minority with things that i like, bands or movies or teevee shows. it’s somehow a little more fun if i can appreciate something by myself, be a cheerleader for it and, ultimately, feel superior when the majority discovers the thing. but i am truly happy to be a part of the bigness that is harry potter-mania. it is plain old fun. today, i avoided listening to one-oh-whatever-whatever f.m. since they announced that they were going to read the last chapter of the new harry potter book on the air all day. better yet, i just avoided all mass media altogether.

i’ve decided, then, with harry potter and the deathly hallows coming out tomorrow (eeeee! tomorrow! tomorrow!) that i need to weigh in about my feelings about snape. or, it seems, i should call him professor snape, since in the “snape: friend or foe?” situation, i am coming in on the side of friend.

and here’s why:

1. i really like snape and i don’t want to have been wrong about him for 6 books.

2. i don’t want dumbledore to have been so very wrong about him.

3. it’s more interesting writing to have a character who has done something that is very bad be on the side of good.

4. my gut just says it’s so.

but it can’t all be just faith, so here are a couple of things that influenced me from harry potter and the half-blood prince.

on page 359 (oh yeah, i’m outing my o.c.d. and being that person), harry asks dumbledore if he still trusts snape. dumbledore replies, “i have been tolerant enough to answer that question already. my answer has not changed.” phineas nigellus then says, “i should think not.” that says, to me, that phineas knows something else that harry and we don’t know about snapes trustworthiness.
on page 405, hagrid reveals to harry that he overheard snape and dumbledore arguing. he heard snape saying dumbledore took too much for granted and maybe he – snape – didn’t want to do it anymore. dumbledore responds that snape agreed to do it and that was all there was to it. we’re supposed to think he’s talking about being a double agent, but i think that the thing he agreed to was killing dumbledore if draco couldn’t.

i know, i know. just those 2 things against all the mentions of dumbledore making mistakes and getting older and being a softie, but i think all of those things are too obviously trying to throw us off. and the actual killing scene doesn’t provide much information except thatdumbledore says snape’s name pleadingly. i don’t believe dumbledore would plead for his life. he was never afraid of death. so i believe that he was pleading for snape to kill him and to save draco.

i’m with snape. sweet jebus i hope i’m right.


One response to “snape prediction

  1. lmb says:

    sweet jebus i hope you’re right, too! i only just now got home from my apartment hunt, and i need to go to bed rather than comment further, but quickly: if we learned one thing in book 6, it’s that dumbledore makes mistakes. which makes me nervous about the snape=friend argument. but i agree that it’s way more interesting to have snape on the dumbledore side, just like it was interesting that umbridge was against voldemort but not pro-dumbledore. complexity is good. and yet… eeeek!

    we shall all find out tomorrow! that is shitty of one-oh-whatever to read the last chapter aloud. i have also been avoiding any headline that so much hints at harry. stoopid bean spillers!

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