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24 months: big boy birthday!

on August 30, 2007

little boy~

it’s a cliche to say that time flies when you’re having fun, but it’s true. and what we’ve learned since you came into our lives is that it also flies when you’re sleep deprived. or when you really want it to slow down so you can savor every second. it is absolutely completely bizzarro to me that you are TWO! YEARS! OLD! how can this be? two years have flown by at a speed i could never have imagined. you’ve gone from a tadpole who was easily satisfied by a snuggle and a boob. maybe some raspberries on your belly every so often. now, you’re this person who constantly wants things and enjoys things and learns things and destroys things. i hope your daddy and i haven’t damaged you too much. i had this idea, when you were brand new, that we’d be rookies for awhile, but then we’d ease into parenthood, but lately i’ve been realizing that we’re always going to to be rookies for you because you keep a-changin’. it’s not fair, but there’s no way around it: you will not make it to adulthood unscathed. i just hope we do a few things right as you grow up. just for filler to tell your therapist.


so much has happened this summer:

you had eye surgery to combat the crossy. they are now, for the most part, straight and beautiful. the post-surgery aftermath put you in a wretched state. you were overwhelmed and exhausted and the terrible twos may have kick started that very weekend. there was whining, out-of-control crying and full body on-the-floor-limbs-flailing fits. you were unrecognizable and we felt helpless and terrible. you un-weaned for a day. then you got an infection in one of your eyes, which, lucky you, apparently only happens to 4% of patients. you took it pretty well and wore the pirate patch with pride. and super cuteness.


you started signing “more” and “please” and saying “yeah,” “thank you,” “nana,” “liell” and, just once as far as i can tell, “mine.” you are also starting to really sound out the words that you hear us say. you enjoy taking your “baah” every night before bed and you are careful not to touch the “hah” stove.

your hair seems to have decided to be curly, which i love. i’ve been cutting it shorter on the sides and in the back, but leaving it just a wee bit long on top. oh yeah, it’s a pompadour.

you’ve fully committed to your love of swinging and swimming and don’t care who knows it – your squeals of glee are ear splittingly loud, silly and infectious. you love riding bikes with daddy and climbing anything climbable. you adore reading and will sit for hours so long as someone is willing to read with you.


in possible daddy-assisted rough housing, you spun and spun until you couldn’t stand up straight then you dove forward, chipping your front tooth on the tile step creating an oh-so-lovely snaggle that you’ll have until it falls out and is replaced by a permanent tooth (i’m just happy it’s still a toothy-white snaggle and not a black snaggle as i understand happens quite frequently when toddlers are combined with teeth).


aside from the after-surgery unweaning, you easily weaned this summer, which was actually not planned. you definitely took it better than i did and kind of never looked back.

you got orthodics to strengthen your ankles. you became utterly obsessed with trains and anything with wheels (your favorite book these days? richard scarry’s cars and trucks and things that go). you absolutely love going to day care at kathryn’s and enjoy playing with your buddy liell.


you’ve discovered the television (oopsie!) in the form of thomas the tank engine videos. after a mere 4 times in your whole life of watching said videos, you now know to climb up into the chair, point at the teevee and say, “choo. choo.” who am i to say no to such a well formed request? i’d feel a little guilty about this certain monster-creating except that sometimes mama needs to focus on her crossword puzzle. except that, so far, i end up distracted by watching you watch thomas. Eyes wide with amazement, you look over at me and smile, sometimes adding a “choo” just to be sure that i know what’s happening on the magic box.

it astounds me how fast you are growing up. at times, i long for you to start talking in earnest so you can tell me what’s happening inside that beautiful round head of yours. and yet i’m nervous that everything that you learn means that you are growing up.  it’s hard to describe how much i want you to stay as you are and, at the same time, how thrilling it is to watch you develop. i love that the elements of your personality that we observed right away 2 whole years ago remain the same. you are sweet and gentle and funny and energetic and loving. plus you are so handsome!


sometimes when i look at you, i feel like one of those cartoons where wyle e. coyote eyes road runner and sees a perfectly roasted chicken.



~ mama


2 responses to “24 months: big boy birthday!

  1. Nana says:

    Oh, my, he is just so, so gorgeous and wonderful. I don’t think his rookie parents are doing any really significant damage and, after all, we all have to have some baggage to take to our therapists, spouses, friends when we get all growed up. I think you all are doing great and whenever I see all the changes I wonder — yet again — what the hell I’m doing in Atlanta when those beautiful kids are in Indiana!?!

  2. Uncle Popso says:


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