without a definite route

film flam: crybaby, scoop, i think i love my wife

on September 12, 2007

i just finished watching the 2nd season of weeds and am starting on the 2nd season of rome so my movie viewing has been slightly curtailed. i’m excited to see shoot ’em up. i also might have to see becoming jane again. i need a good cry.

cry baby: one of my all time favorite movies. johnny depp is dreamy. the gags are silly and fun. the songs are highly enjoyable. like all good john waters movies, the acting is perfectly stiff and over-wrought. cry baby is so much fun and watch-overable. i don’t care how many times i’ve seen it, i will keep watching it for depp’s hotness and until i know every word to every song.

scoop: i have a love/hate view of woody allen movies. i think i understand why he is considered a top filmmaker. i have enjoyed many of his films. no one can argue that he isn’t the definition of auteur. BUT, i can’t stand watching him on screen. i think that might be why i mostly enjoyed match point last year. it managed the good things about being a woody allen movie without the discomfort of having to watch him act. in scoop, he returns to the embarrassing on screen antics of woody being woody. there were some funny parts in scoop. scarlett johansson is amazing to watch on screen. she’s a knockout – even though she picked up a couple stuttering woody-isms for this role, which lent a weird unevenness to the role. hugh jackman was all heavenly cary grant-ey, but with an undercurrent of menace. there wasn’t much mystery to this murder mystery, but i did catch myself curious about how they would get from here to there. 

i think i love my wife: it’s good to see chris rock in a semiserious role for once, but this glossy comedy of temptation has a lot to be desired. none of the characters felt real. i enjoyed the casting (lovelovelove gina torres), but it was too bad the actors didn’t have much to do. the film even fails to make the temptress an enticing character and leaves her as a 1-dimensional manipulator. there isn’t much drama or danger created by her annoying and clingy character. even though girl is hot and has some dresses i wanted to reach in and take for myself. the movie ends up being profane for no reason and awkward in terms of pacing, which is sad because the story was heavily taken from the french film called chloe in the afternoon, which is marvelously probing, psychologically refined &, well, just really frenchy french. and what’s the deal with the grade school humor? i mean, there’s a gag where he goes to buy condoms and he tries to be quiet and the clerk talks really loudly. about condoms. that’s funny, right?   



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