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film flam: shoot ’em up, georgia rule, knocked up

on October 3, 2007

shoot ’em up: campy and wildly over the top, shoot ’em up is a totally fun compilation of the most absurd action scenes ever filmed. ever. leaves out all the boring stuff, like logic, plot, character development and motivation. silliest of all? somewhere in there is a statement supporting gun control. not one second is anything other than ludicrous, but at 86-minutes that’s a-ok. grand stand and hot performances by clive owen and monica bellucci and just grandstand by paul giamatti elevate the movie from dopey to smart action.

georgia rule: hey! it’s a lighthearted romp about sexual abuse, mother/daughter angst and alcoholism! ha! yeeps this movie drove me crazy with the cliché characters and grim subject matter. another sad thing? lindsey lohan is kinda a good actress. not to get all celebrity gossipy, but what a waste that is. and then jane fonda totally reminded me of henry fonda in on golden pond. weird, non?

knocked up: i am sad to say that i am not the audience for this movie. i won’t speak for him, but i’d venture to say that neither is josh on accounta how quiet he was during almost the entire thing (he laughed at the mushrooms at cirque de soliel scene and that’s about it). we were both really excited to rent it and then didn’t laugh much at all. why oh why can’t i enjoy stupid frat boy humor? the characters were somewhat relatable, which was nice. i wanted an odd-couple love story, but never believed that she would have stayed with him.  and then i got quite tense during the delivery scene. not because of the delivery, but the doctor was such an asshole. i’m really good at suspending my disbelief (i barely got annoyed that she claimed to want a natural childbirth, but so obviously didn’t do any preparation for it), but it just didn’t happen for me – not even once. i’m on record that i don’t think romantic comedies should be longer than 90-minutes and this was something like 2 hours 10 minutes, which might have been okay if there was something other than the unreal hotness of katherine heigl happening on screen. poor me.    


2 responses to “film flam: shoot ’em up, georgia rule, knocked up

  1. lmb says:

    what is grandstand?

  2. ramblinjaq says:

    grandstand (verb): to conduct oneself or perform showily or ostentatiously in an attempt to impress onlookers: The senator doesn’t hesitate to grandstand if it makes her point.

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