without a definite route


on October 23, 2007

it should be an easy thing to pick out carpet and have it installed. of course, we’re talking about josh and jaq, the grand overthinkers, but still. the idea of our back room – currently bedecked in cold hard pink tile – being warmer and softer and less hazardous to the boy and his fragile front teeth fills me with such glee. carpet! wee! who knew it could be so exciting?

and so filled with decisions. style? i’m thinking comfy. is that a style? color? that would be pondscape, yay! josh has agreed to a little color, albeit a pretty neutral greenishness. type? um…here’s where i had to do some research…something for high traffic areas, nylon, not berber, maybe frieze or loop. i’ve learned so much about the hard scrabble world of carpet. we brought home 8 samples the other day. man oh man do i love me some samples. we laid them all out with a pad underneath and looked at them from every angle. emmit enjoyed walking on them. it was like going to the park, really.

i have a feeling getting carpet for the back room will inspire a slew of small to smaller home renovation projects. josh has been wanting to tackle the library for ages and the kitchen is crying – nay, screaming – for some lovin’. or the carpet will inspire naps. because the room will be so cozy. and because it is extremely hard work ordering something for someone else to install. that deserves at least a couple naps right there.


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