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hey y’all, we’re knocked up

on November 19, 2007

i’m pretty sure that everyone who reads this already knows (and, if not, oops…sorry!), but it has dawned on me that i haven’t written anything about newbaby and that feels kind of weird. i haven’t wanted to make a big deal of announcing it, but it might be strange in 5 months when i start posting pictures and videos of another kid, so i’m just putting it out there and then i can write whatever whenever.

we are due april 16. things are going well. we have no idea if it is a boy or a girl and we’re going to wait to find out when we can see for ourselves. since we only plan to have 2 kids, we’re hoping for a girl, but we’ll be absolutely delighted if emmit gets a brother. we’re preparing for another natural childbirth, but this time we’re delivering at methodist hospital. i took a tour last week and…well, it’s a hospital. we loved our experience at the birthing center in all of its old lady bed and breakfast decor, but the way my insurance pays out, it costs more to deliver there than at the hospital and with more diapers to buy and another college fund to save for, we just can’t justify birthing at the birthing center this time. methodist is really progressive about natural childbirth. they have midwives on staff, tubs for water births and they offer hypnobirthing classes. so i’m feeling okay about that. not quite great, but okay.

we have a girl name, but we don’t have any boy names picked out (just like when emmit was born). every time i ask emmit, he says, “choo. choo.” or “oh, man!” so i’m leaning towards him not getting a vote. although just last night, he added “bubbles” to his repertoire. that could be a middle name. josh and i are having the same arguments that we had in the lead up to emmit’s birth. mostly about family names and what i will and will not allow our child to get tagged with. i am not very nice in these arguments. i like cowboy and farmer names. josh also likes older fashioned names, but tends towards the realm of the jewish accountant.

except for a recent bout with the flu, which has thrown me completely off my goal to double my body weight, i pretty much crave anything that has food in it. at some point in the last 19 weeks, i’ve obsessed about cheeseburgers, chinese, shrimp, milkshakes, cheesecake, fried green tomatoes, mexican, blt’s, artichoke tomato soup from cafe patachou… it’s exhausting. during my pregnancy with emmit, i craved apples slices and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. what happened to those healthy cravings? with emmit in my belly, i ate several small meals throughout the day. this time, i eat and eat  and eat some more until the food is all gone. i’m tired of chewing. every once in awhile, i slap some sense into myself that i need to slow down and be reasonable, but then i get hungry again and just watch out is all i’m saying. you do not want to come in between me and whatever morsel is nearest to me. i just don’t know if i can endure 21 more weeks of non-stop shoveling food into my mouth. i might need an intervention – with snacks!

anyway, we are happy and excited that emmit is getting a robin to his batman. 




4 responses to “hey y’all, we’re knocked up

  1. Joshua Silbert says:

    Bernard Harold? Harold Bernard? That has football astronaut written all over it!

    Whatever man, I’m cool with my 49% of the vote. 🙂

    See you at the birth!


  2. lolly says:

    You could call him Hal!! That’s way cute for Harold. Although I still love the name Luca. That’s my official vote for a boy. I always wanted to name a boy Luca, but since we’re finished with our family, I want someone to use it!!!!!

  3. ramblinjaq says:

    it’s settled: if it’s a boy we’re naming him gilbert. that’s right: gilbert silbert. what about a middle name, though?

  4. J says:

    Have you considered Slash? 😉

    Congratulations btw…I didn’t know!

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