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o! christmas tree

on December 10, 2007

a week ago, we went to dull’s tree farm to cut our christmas tree. last year was the 1st time in 12 years of living in indy that i was successful in dragging josh along. he was so happy that he came. it wasn’t a pain in the ass at all. in fact, it was kind of fun. who knew? of course, it didn’t hurt that emmit was funny and cute all bundled up amidst the mud and the trees. plus he laughed when the tree fell on his daddy and there’s nothing that emmit’s daddy enjoys more than making his boy laugh. so this year, i didn’t have to spend any time or energy convincing josh to go.

we arrived at dull’s at 12:05pm, 5 minutes after they opened for the day and the place was packed with the many people wanting the perfect tree. apparently, dull’s has a special “newfie day” where people bring their dogs to the farm. emmit loved looking at all of the big dogs, but was only willing to touch the puppies. he was intrigued by the sheep and goats in the pen, but hid his face in josh’s chest and squealed and cried when josh brought him closer. i think we need to be better about getting to the zoo and exposing him to animals.


we acquired a saw and tree sled and headed for the patch of canaan firs just past the barn, over the hill and towards the railroad tracks. josh pulled emmit on the sled while i made sure he hung onto the sides. josh stopped in front of a beautiful 7 1/2 foot canaan and said, “i like this one.” i pointed out that we couldn’t possibly get the 1st tree we saw. josh asked emmit if he liked that one and emmit replied, “yeah!” while the boys stood guard, i walked around for about 3-minutes before realizing that it kind of was the best tree. emmit was pretty engrossed in the many ways he could hurt himself on the sled so he missed the sawing and the falling. then, he wasn’t at all happy about giving up his seat for the tree, so we compromised and headed back towards the barn with josh toting the boy on his shoulders and pulling the tree laden sled.


while josh went to fetch the car, emmit discovered that the newfies had little sleds of their own. for rides!



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  1. lmb says:

    your audience misses you.

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