without a definite route

little clown

on March 20, 2008

i took this with my cell phone on the drive to boy’s day care yesterday morning. he was a little upset with me for making him leave his trains at home. sadly, the fuzziness is bad, but it kind of makes it look like a painting of an old timey french clown to me.

 from my friend sally: he’s a french clown watching his balloon blow away down the seine river as he mimes into the wind; now resting to ponder the painful existentialism of it all; the impact of his actions; the burden of his free choice. he’s not thinking about cookie monster, unless it is the impermanence of cookies. emmit kelly was a sad clown. coincidence?


One response to “little clown

  1. armanis says:

    french clown- it’s like oposite to a real clown. (clown but without its real beaty, red nose)

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