without a definite route

big brother

on May 16, 2008

it shouldn’t come as a surprize to anyone that it has taken me 7-weeks to post that we had our baby. heck, it took me 7-months to mention i was knocked up. i promise to try to be better. for the children.

the morning routine, wherein emmit must hold \

…it just looks like he’s pinching her ear, I swear…

when people ask me how emmit is doing, i respond that he is “violently in love” with his baby sister – emphasis on “violently.” he is more than a little maniacal.  he enjoys trying to kiss her and hug her and touch her, which turns quickly into trying to hit her, pull on her hands and, once when i looked away for a brief second, lay on top of her.  so far, it’s more funny than dangerous, but we’ve got our eyes on the little bugger. he also refuses to say her name, calling her “my baby.”

it is clear that he’ll be an awesomely protective and loving big brother once we safely exit this particular stage of their acquaintance.


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