without a definite route

emmit in action: arriving home on the bus!

on August 25, 2008

after this morning, when emmit ran to the farthest wall he could reach hollering, “nooooooooo!” i am concerned that we will never witness the same unbridled excitement as we did last week when he realized he got to ride the bus. he walked out of preschool; saw the bus; yelled, “bus!” then starting running towards it. there was no nervousness or fear and not one millisecond of stranger anxiety with the bus driver. it was 100% pure innocent glee. once he was strapped in the car seat, i may have seen a glimmer of doubt, like a “hey…wait a second” moment.


sadly, we did not capture that day on video. i do have these pictures:

emmit grabls busdriver's hand & makes a break for the bus

emmit grabs bus driver's hand & makes a break for it


into the bus - no looking back

into the bus - no looking back


this is emmit arriving home from school on friday after the first full week of school. if you listen carefully, you can hear him ask his daddy where jasper is (jaspy or jappy or jaspwew is how it sounds) then he shushes josh just in case she’s sleeping. (warning, although the flip has some image stabilizing features, it is not a steadicam. i think emmit looks like he’s in a spike lee movie).



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