without a definite route


on December 3, 2008

just had my 1st phone conversation with emmit. it went something like this:

me: hi emmit!

emmit: hi-igh emmit.

me: it’s mama. how are you?

emmit: hi mama.

me: what are you doing, buddy?

emmit:  …………………..

me: are you going to kathy’s?

emmit: kathy’s house.

me: how was school today?

emmit:  ………………………

me: did you play with buzz lightyear?

emmit: buzz wight-weere.

me: did you see kenny and robert and josiah at school?

at that point, we got disconnected. i’m sure it wasn’t anything i said. or maybe it was the beginning of

“jeez ma! why you gotta be so nosy about my friends and what i’m doing? i need my space. get out of my room!”


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