without a definite route

rite of passage

on December 3, 2008

emmit’s 1st ever school pictures have arrived and – well…i just have to say it: they are ridiculous. honesty is best. so to risk sounding like the worst mother ever: these pictures are cute in their not cuteness. they do not capture the magical mystical adorability of my boy, but it’s not his fault he looks be-wigged and a little stoned.

who lets their son out of the house with this hair? i knew that it was getting a tad longish, but as a straight hair sufferer all my life and a lover of that boy’s curls, i was curious to see what it would do if left to its own devices. i didn’t know it would become a potential home for small furry creatures. i put product in it that morning and styled it into a hipster surfer do and trusted it to play its part. apparently 45-minutes on the bus and whatever abc/123 indoctrination during class made it go all flouncy. if only those abc/123 recitations would do that to my hair.


pre-school picture

note the piece of hair on top trying to escape the billowy clouds of curls


emmit, i am sorry. you will hate these pictures later in life while i will love them more and more and more. it’s the way it goes. you know: the circle of life and hacuna matata…right?! i realize later in life you won’t have the same lion KING obsession that you have now, but i am totally and shamelessly using your current KING love in hopes of your forgiveness later. you can get back to me on that.


the next picture captures a perfect emmit moment. i love the bit of green on his finger. i love that he smiles with his eyes (tyra would be so proud!). i love how he covers his mouth, which is his new go-to whenever he isn’t totally sure about what’s going on; or when he’s laughing really hard; or when he doesn’t want to eat something that his daddy or i are trying to “gently” shovel into his mouth.


i’m a little worried that i sound mean. is a mama supposed to squeal with delight and blindly love every single picture of her child no matter how goofy? not that i didn’t squeal. oh, i squealed. because i now know there’s something to look forward to every year, whether the pictures are good or not-so- good. i just hope next year’s pictures make me smile as much as these do.

One response to “rite of passage

  1. christopher jon mills says:

    why did they choose to mount some sort of metallic boomerang in the foreground?

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