without a definite route

housekeeping take 1

on December 6, 2008

because of a change in the wordpress admin page layout i can now see all of my drafts on my writing page. that’s great for me because i’ll start something, write it halfway, leave it for later then totally forget about it. strangely, it also says that all of the drafts were written in january 1970, which cannot be true because of the whole internet not existing then and also because i had just been conceived. i kinda have to guess when i wrote much of it.  in an effort to clean up, i am going through all of my old drafts and pitching or publishing.

this is from probably 2 years ago and i think is emmit’s version of josh and my committment issues:

emmit has a transitional object! we actually thought that he had settled down with monkey awhile back, but apparently, that was just a fling. this thing with curious george is deep and real. poor monkey is still sleeping in the crib, but george is clutched in emmit’s pudgy little hands. and he brought george with him when we nursed before bed. that’s crazy. he has never invited a guest to nurse with him. and, for the 1st time, he didn’t play with my hand while we nursed. i’ve been nervous about who he would settle down with and i’m happy with george. he is small enough to fit into the diaper bag and he dresses well. as a mother, all you can hope for is that your children will find someone they can spend their lives with who is sensitive, soft, likes to snuggle and is machine washable.

sadly, emmit did not choo-choo choose curious george as his one and only. he still likes to spend time with “jo jo,” but there have been a string of one night stands with everyone from elmo to various toy buses and cars. every once in awhile he’ll spend the night with monkey or george just to string them along. lately, he prefers a plastic lion (KING!). so basically that boy is a ho.


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