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on January 8, 2009

my friends becky and david are an inspiration in the world of  holiday decorations. i am always impressed by the effort they put into creating festive environments. truly, their house is something to behold, especially for halloween and christmas. being around them for 10+ years, i have caught the christmas bug. i covet their ornaments. vintage and antique. funky and elegant. handmade by children and adults. every year, i go over to their house to glory in the not one, but two 12-16 foot live trees.

there are special ornaments that i always look for. this year, i bounded to the tree in the back room to find my favorites and found that one was missing. i panicked a little bit, then asked becky, “where’s peanut?” she sadly told me that peanut had lost her skirt so she was now in The Case, which is sort of like the island of misfit toys, but for broken holiday decorations. i rushed to greet peanut then proceeded to chase emmit around the house to make sure he didn’t break anything or ruin the sparkly ice skating scene or the creche that includes vintage wax (?)figures of the beatles.

later, i lamented to josh that peanut had lost her skirt and would never be in the tree again. i was sad. josh prefers me happy so he hatched a plan to create a new peanut. once he got started…

meet peanut junior, happy peanut and evil peanut in a bath towel:

peanut jr

peanut junior

happy peanut

happy peanut

evil peanut in a bath towel

evil peanut in a bath towel says, "grrr."

i will try to get a picture of original peanut for comparison. becky doesn’t remember where peanut came from or how long ago she got her. certainly junior, happy and evil will never replace her, but they make me smile and that’s the whole point, right?
meanwhile, poor josh. i can’t stop ripping out magazine pages with nifty designs for more skirts. someday, a whole clan of peanuts might have their very own tree in my house. a girl can dream…

2 responses to “peanut

  1. Jen Stone says:

    does evil peanut have to be “evil”? how about just insane peanut?

  2. Frieda says:

    Clever! I saw your post on PW Cooks about crusty breads…have you tried no-knead bread? Come check out my blog and try it out!


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