without a definite route

1st day of school

on August 12, 2009

lately emmit enjoys listing his many loves. the following list barely begins to cover it.

  • people: “i love japper. i love nana. i love mama. i love G.J. i love pop-pop. i love daddy. i love liell. i love apple kellie. i love katie.”
  • food: “i love boo-berries. i love pizza. i love cheese. i love cookies. i love strawberries. i love crackers.”
  • characters: “i love elmo. i love thomas. i love boody-buzz (woody & buzz). i love lion king.”
  • random things: “i love bugs. i love the pool. i love trains. i love cars.

i suspect today we will add “i love the bus” to his list. of course, he rode the bus all last year, but i think summer break has made his heart grow fonder.

he was quite excited all morning as we got dressed and ate breakfast. then we waited on the porch and snuggled while we counted the cars that stopped at the stop sign then drove past. each time a car’s breaks made a bus-like squeak, he would jump up and yell “bus is coming!” when it finally came, he got a little shy, like “really? i get to ride on that? yay for meeeeeee!”

he held my hand all the way to the bus; then i helped him up the 1st step and he was gone without even turning back.

no have a nice day. no luboo mama. no farewell mother until next we meet.

that boy’s heart belongs to the school bus.


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