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needed: mary poppins

on February 23, 2010

i am officially tired of the nanny search. am i asking too much to find the right person for our family? am i doing something wrong? are my standards too high?

  • either they are too young
  • or too old
  • or they use the words god, church, christian or lord in the 1st two sentences of their bio [i have nothing against people of faith. i myself am a person of faith. i even understand why someone would include it when children are involved in the equation. i just don’t want it to be part of what i deem a professional relationship.]
  • or they use bad grammar
  • or they use text abbreviations in their emails [R U looking 4 a babysitter? I can help U.]
  • or they want way too much money [$25/hour? not so much.]
  • or they say that having younger siblings makes them experienced childcare providers
  • or that they love kids because they have kids of their own
  • or their pictures are really rough-looking (like we might could find them on wanted signs at the post office)
  • or they choose inappropriate pictures [your facebook profile picture does not belong here]
  • or no picture at all [which makes me feel like they are hiding something]
  • or they are men [which…even if their profile and resume look great…i just can’t do it…]
  • or they seem perfect and i get my hopes up, but their schedule doesn’t match our schedule [this is the worst offense of them all!]
  • or they are perfect and i email them & they never email me back [oh the rejection!]
  • or i actually interview then hire them and they don’t show up on the 1st day [this has happened twice. TWO times. i am still flabbergasted. again with the rejection!]
  • or they seem cool until they say something that screams “i am going to be big trouble!” like:

I am a school teacher looking for a part-time job. I am extremely energetic, positive, and come with the best references from some of the most influential families in the area. I’m extremely reliable, organized and responsible. I will anything you need, and only ask that I be spoken to like the intelligent human being that I am.


this is our ad…please tell me if i should change something to market my family better:

Part time Nanny needed for energetic & silly brother & sister

We are looking for someone to come to our home Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Thursdays from 3pm – 5:30pm. I work days and my husband works nights so basically this is to fill the gap between when he leaves and I get home.

Our son, Emmit, is 4.5-years old and has a developmental/speech delay and a seizure disorder, for which he takes a daily anti-seizure medication. He is ridiculous and funny and loving and very big for his age. He is not potty trained, but we’re slowly working on it much to his chagrin.  It is okay if you don’t have experience with special needs kids. I want to be upfront about our situation, but Emmit is pretty much a “normal” 4-year old. Despite a speech delay, he communicates clearly what he wants.

Our daughter, Jasper, is 23-months old and her hair is finally coming in. She absolutely adores her big brother, which sometimes means taking his toys away from him to make him cry. She learns tons of new words every day and loves to help with household tasks like “washing” dishes, “folding” laundry and putting her brother in time-out. She is also working on the potty training and will likely pass her brother on this skill soon.

If you are available and interested in meeting with us to talk, please let me know. 


3 responses to “needed: mary poppins

  1. ellembee says:

    I wonder if it’s the odd times you need that is making this such an excruciating process for you? I’m just thinking that if I was looking for part-time work, I’d want more hours, and I wouldn’t want them in the late afternoon. I know it’s nothing you can really control, it’s just the only real standout thing in your ad. Do you have pictures of them in the ad? Can you?

  2. Julie says:

    try contacting someone at iupui or u of i to find an elementary ed student. dr. addie smiley asmiley@uindy.edu taught our special needs ed classes and she she might be able to recommend one of her students. she wouldn’t know me from adam (zing! biblical reference!), but her name came to mind. you could get two mints in one with a nanny who is studying speech delay. to be in an education program you have to have all kinds of background checks, so you could feel a little less nervous that they’re psychotic.

    a college student’s schedule would be more flexible, and they might be excited to see small human specimens in their natural habitat. when i was in my teaching program and worked part time at a homeless shelter i could use my experiences for my papers, so watching emmit and jasper could help them with their homework. hell, they might be interested in babysitting other times so you and josh can go on a date or two.

    just an idea.


  3. Sarah says:

    I know this is a painstaking process but you will eventually find the right person! I would suggest putting some information about you and your husband in your profile as well. This will humanize you a bit. You want them to know you are understanding and approachable as caring for a special needs child can be intimating to some.

    When you finally find the person you think you want to hire. Make sure to run a background check! I have used Intelius (https://www.intelius.com) on babysitters in the past. This will give you peach of mind and should help you avoid hiring a lunatic.

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