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the empty promise of summer

on June 7, 2010

as i’ve proclaimed in the past, i am out and proud about loving the teevee. surely, i probably watch too much. less than some. more than others. is someone keeping score? i’m pretty sure that’s a no, but there does seem to be a certain negative connotation to admitting that television is a part of your life. to that i shrug, roll my eyes and say, “whatever judgey jerks.” 

do i occasionally lament the loss of time spent in front of the magical flickering box that could be used more productively? sure. but that’s what summer hiatus is for. this summer, there are words to write; photographs to take; house projects to tackle; a stack of books to read; bubbles to drink; friends to see; sunshine to absorb; kids to push (on swings, gah, what do you take me for?).

but first, must get through the season and series finales on the tifaux. then must mourn. i know i will somehow overcome the grief (and often disappointment) of the End of a show, but this year feels especially hard. ah…lost. i hardly knew ye. seriously, i’m pretty sure i didn’t know ye at all. or did i? i mean, i get “what happened happened” and all, but…uh…what happened? and then there’s 24. to know that i may never see jack bauer bite another person’s ear off…it’s just a hard time for me.

then there are the kick ass season finales that have me excitedly anticipating next season’s premieres. vampire diaries anyone? fringe?

freed from teevee, the summer promises to be exciting, creatively rewarding and fun. although…i might have to delay starting the annual garage purge because true blood starts this weekend (eeeeee! i’ve missed eric ever so much). yes, i am pathetically addicted to my teevee. so? what? and?

what shows have you mourned  – this season or in the past? what shows can’t you wait to start watching again next season?


2 responses to “the empty promise of summer

  1. Carrie says:

    Jaq, I love your posts. I’ve never missed an episode of Lost and I’m still saying “what happened”. If I think about it hard, I actually get mad. I watched all seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in one year and now I’m looking forward to watching the one that just ended. Also, Mad Men and of course True Blood. I watch Big Brother and wonder if I would watch it if in the Fall. Sometimes slow and predictable, but I’m fascinated by the idea of putting strangers together and watching them implode. The same Survivor effect only with food, shelter and comfortable beds.

  2. Jane says:

    Jaq, I just discovered ‘fringe’ last night! Who knew about this! I noticed you mentioned fringe in this post (its been several months since I’ve checked in on ya). I look forward to catching a few more reruns before the beginning of the season and, of course, comparing notes with you. Love it and also the metaphysical, perhaps even spiritual underpinnings……….. hmmm…. Look forward to your next post! mj

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