without a definite route

out of the pit

on November 15, 2010


i’m one of those people. i have a blog that i never ever ever update. sure, i have excuses. it’s been busy, what with the living and the working and, here and there, the adventuring. but excuses are lame and get me nowhere. i don’t see things slowing down so i’ve gotta get myself to do what i meant to do when i started this thing: just write, dammit.

i get caught up in the concern that whatever i write has to have some big meaning. i worry that i might sound whiny or boring if i simply write what’s happening or what i think. it is the pit of deep dark darkness: the concept that creativity takes work. sometimes difficult work. and isn’t it much easier to talk about being creative than to actually work at being creative? that is my struggle even though i love how i feel when i write and take pictures regularly.

i want to solemnly swear that i’ll just do it. write. get back to that place where i was posting regularly. it’s a place i like. it is warm and shiny and seriously requires only a little effort, but on a regular basis.

right here, inside the pit, though,  i’m not sure i can keep a promise. so i will do the less committal thing and vow that i’ll try.


One response to “out of the pit

  1. Carrie says:

    Sounds like the first of many to me…just “do it”! 🙂

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