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foamy hearts & other things

on November 16, 2010

stumptown coffee, portland

i got back a week ago yesterday from portland, visiting my friends megan and samuel and their amazingly magical bebe, wilson. the trip, it was lovely. i hadn’t realized how much i missed megan. we talk sporadically, email or write actual letters pretty regularly, but the actually being with her in the flesh was great. seeing her in her very faraway world was just a pleasure. seeing her with wilson was a revelation. i am in love with how in love with him she is. and with how wonderful a mama she is. and with how much her crazed aggro-yet-distracted driving hasn’t changed a bit. of course,  i now not only miss her terribly, but that baby! he’s an enchanter.

wilson sleeping in his bear suit

portland could definitely be a favorite city. except that the sun doesn’t shine there as much as i need me some sun to shine – it did during my visit, totally trying to trick me, just like the first time i went to san francisco and it was upper 70’s the whole time. it has the same feeling as my much loved new orleans. it feels vaguely european and like there’s a culture of young people doing things. i’m not sure i can describe what i mean by that. only to say that indianapolis often feels stodgy and like all of the businesses and government and whatever are led by the old guard. i’ve stated that pretty inartfully and i’m certainly wrong, but it’s just how it sometimes feels to me.

but here’s the thing about portland. in the 5 days i was there, i was absolutely overwhelmed by the food. i have never been to a city with that kind of food culture – and i’ve lived in new orleans, visited paris, santa fe and italy. you guys, i am not kidding. they seriously take their food seriously.

vindalho happy hour

and it’s not just hippie food, although there’s plenty of organic/gluten free/free range/locally sourced food to be found. in addition to the “farm fresh indian” that we ate at vindalho (roasted yam and cashew samosas, y’all), we ate amazing cornmeal crust pizza with a kale salad from dove vivi; harissa stewed butter squash with crumbled sheep’s cheese and other tapas at toro bravo; a maple and bacon doughnut from voodoo doughnuts; and the yummiest thing i will ever try to recreate from a restaurant, the raspberry filled biscuit from the bakery bar. plus, of course, stumptown coffee nearly every morning. sigh.

voodoo doughnuts

other than a coffee hut, i did not eat from a food cart, but oh how i wanted to.


food truck

so, yeah, i want to go back to portland. i’d like to explore the city more, eat more and apparently there are mountains somewhere in those parts, too. also, i need to smooch wilson’s cheeks. by the time i get to go back, his new baby smell will be long gone, but i suspect he’ll still be magical.


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