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giving thanks

on November 27, 2010

so much for blogging through the pie day and thanksgiving cooking progress. i can’t imagine what i was thinking. the idea of stealing away from the hubbub of the kitchen for 5-minutes to upload a picture and write a line or two seems crazier on this side than it did the days before thanksgiving. that’s what i get for saying stuff out loud.

the last three days have been filled with wonderful conversations, great food, friends and family, culinary lessons, baby head smelling, hand-turkeys, laughter, a mysterious thanksgiving chupacabra and, because we weren’t quite busy enough, jasper’s determination that it was finally time to potty train. of course.

emmit's turkey

i want to be the kind of person who expresses my gratitude more often. so thank you to everyone who touches my life – friends, family, acquaintances and co-workers; neighbors; emmit’s team of superheros (doctors, therapists, teachers, bus drivers); smiling strangers; baristas; delivery people; trader joe employees who know emmit and jasper by name; musicians that inspire josh to continue creating music; writers, artists, filmmakers and musicians who make the world more beautiful; awesome people of the world i haven’t yet met or will never meet. i appreciate you.

have a cinnamon roll:

thanksgiving morning cinnamon rolls


One response to “giving thanks

  1. Joshua Silbert says:

    THIS JUST IN: the thanksgiving chupacabra is a POSSUM!!! (or, an opossum) As in, it is in our garage as I write this, digesting the very cinnamon rolls shown in the picture above!!!!

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