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thanksgiving chupacabra

on December 1, 2010

who ate two pieces of leftover punkin pie and rendered an entire pan of cinnamon rolls inedible? who inspired a conversation concerning the ick level of trying to salvage said cinnamon rolls by cutting off the part the mystery beastie ate? who caused us to reevaluate the entire way we store leftovers in the garage in the winter?

we considered a wide range of animals that could have the nerve to break into our garage. a mouse? a rat? a cat? a squirrel? a racoon? chupacabra? catmousratswirrelcoon? nope. but of course, OPPOSUM!

this is not the actual little dude that josh trapped in the garage – baited with a plate of nutloaf and cinnamon rolls – but it looked exactly like it as the sheriff (thanks megan!) carried it in the feral cat cage to release it. isn’t he… not at all cute?


i sure wish our chupacabra looked more like this opossum. clearly, he’s thinking, mmmm…pie.

from fantastic mr.fox


One response to “thanksgiving chupacabra

  1. Carrie says:

    I LOVE this and the pictures are terrific. by the way, nice new theme / skin. 🙂

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