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50 random things

on January 5, 2011

instead of a rehash of the same resolutions – less weight, more exercise, better with money, more sex, more creativity, better friend, rinse, lather, repeat – i am thinking way more fun: if money and time were no object, what would i do? what are my biggest dreams and simplest pleasures?

  • contribute to joyful, relaxed, silly, adventurous, intellectually stimulating, happy, creative and love drenched childhoods for emmit & jasper
  • create educational funds for every child i know
  • travel:  african safari
  • travel: road trip across usa with josh
  • travel: japan
  • travel: civil war vacation
  • travel: nigg village and loch in scotland
  • travel: leichtenstein
  • have dogs
  • learn how to sew
  • learn how to make indian food
  • eat dinner at french laundry
  • make the perfect loaf of bread
  • create & maintain “dandy walker on the rocks,” a special needs blog/newsletter as a place to help parents find information
  • grow rhubarb, raspberries, cucumbers, flowers & fruit trees
  • buy art
  • learn conversational french
  • travel: visit all 50 states & all 7 continents
  • spend actual time in sisseton
  • be a member of the academy and vote on oscar movies
  • live in another country for at least a year
  • write thank you notes to everyone i’ve ever met
  • travel: attend a wedding in india
  • own a working ranch in montana
  • own time shares in new orleans, california, hawaii, paris
  • travel: wine country in US, france, italy, spain
  • travel: australia & new zealand (lord of the rings tour!)
  • own a horse & ride it often
  • start a photography business
  • write screenplays
  • work on a western movie
  • become a sparkling wine connoisseur
  • read more books
  • watch all of the afi top movies and every oscar nominated movie
  • get degrees in american history, photography & ww2 history
  • learn all of the british royal family lines 
  • make the perfect pie crust
  • travel: great wall of china
  • teach a film class about westerns
  • blog more about movies, special needs, photos, stories, cooking
  • eat sushi often
  • travel: italian villa with friends
  • have a daily dance party with josh, emmit & jasper
  • be on the same schedule with josh
  • do yoga every morning
  • write letters regularly
  • travel: england, ireland, scotland
  • travel: santa fe every year for indian market
  • travel: mexico
  • be grateful every day

what am i forgetting? what would be on your list?


6 responses to “50 random things

  1. noahpoah says:

    Would the Indian wedding be for an arranged marriage?

  2. Annasaurus says:

    Well, I’ma help you with the sewing one!

  3. I read the “learn how to sew” one too quickly and thought you wrote “learn how to ESW” ha ha!

  4. Lezlie says:

    I think you need to buy more lottery tickets so you can accomplish all that traveling, cooking, quiting your job and staying home to do all of that creating, blogging, etc…

  5. felicity says:

    ummmm…palm springs with me & the gays, duh.

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