without a definite route

little old me

i am a wife-like person, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend. i am an aspiring writer and photographer. everything else is extra.


  • josh aka monkey aka daddy aka grumpasaurus
  • emmit george
  • jasper rose
  • taking photographs
  • looking at good photography
  • movies: seeing them, talking about them, working on them
  • teevee
  • yummy food
  • kick ass assistants who can read my mind
  • christmas trees
  • cooking with people i love
  • family & friends
  • writing
  • reading
  • meatloaf night
  • entertainment weekly
  • rhubarb pie
  • music
  • champagne, prosecco, anything sparkly
  • working on film sets
  • colors
  • pioneer woman, go fug yourself, cake wrecks, etsy
  • sending postcards – postcrossing!
  • the name nigel, counting nigels in the credits of british movies
  • travelling
  • the people i work with
  • native american jewelry
  • the promise of california
  • josh’s cooking
  • sweet puppies
  • cute pouches
  • the good chance that i’ll never wait tables again
  • the words fuck and cock
  • replacing curse words with kid friendly words: shut the front door, scheisse, what the cuss…
  • sci fi
  • funny people
  • fingerless gloves
  • the smell of baby heads
  • getting a massage
  • crumpets
  • emmit’s achievements
  • getting mail
  • the diva cup
  • jon stewart
  • fire king dishes
  • dvr
  • ceramic pie plates
  • mmmmm..pie


  • talking on the phone
  • that not-for-profit means no money
  • non-talent based reality teevee
  • that i don’t yet live in california
  • war
  • the crappy crap crapstorm of team chaos’ daily schedule
  • when someone off-gasses perfume or cologne
  • my hair
  • metabolism after 40
  • the terrible two’s
  • being cold
  • being afraid of things
  • poop
  • interrupted sleep
  • contrariness
  • allergies
  • lazy writing
  • seizures
  • running late
  • missing my friends
  • spinach
  • all caps – just stop shouting already
  • debt
  • that children get sick
  • emmit’s struggles
  • that my entire wardrobe isn’t anthropologie
  • violence, hostility, negativity
  • icky critters (mice, squirrels, birds, mosquitos, bees, wasps, cockroaches)

3 responses to “little old me

  1. clint says:

    Females never like their hair, that doesn’t count.How did you find time to blog? War isn’t always a bad thing.

  2. dumbtourist says:

    i for one like jaq’s hair

  3. lolly says:

    you forgot a couple of things in your “like” catagory: nutella, italia 1989, grbl grbl, matt dillon (haha), sex pistols, the sax and all the talents that go with it (hehe), and of course “Stella!!!!!!!!!!” (from the movie)
    i love you!

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