without a definite route

new tricks

this is a lot of video, but jasper is growing up so quick we can barely capture new things. behold…

she eats!

she crawls!

she stands (and does a little arabesque)!

she climbs steps!

she wrestles!

she attacks (with a little help from daddy)!

she blows raspberries!

she chills!

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jasper in action: like her old man!

turn the volume way up and revel in the dainty sounds that my little princess makes while she sleeps. i could kinda listen to it for hours. i cannot say the same for josh’s snoring, which generally get him a kick or a shove. (i apologize that the video is so short and that you can’t see her face. also, i should say that this is not how her normal breathing sounds, but the results of a cold.)


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